Zynga Interview Experience

Interviewed off-campus for the position of SDE role (>1 yrs of experience)

Round 1
There were 2-3 questions in this round

  • Variation of rat in a maze path problem, find the indices of the cell reachable from the given cell in a finite grid. Enhance the solution for infinite grid.
  • Discussion on the implementation of a leaderboard. It should have features like getting top 10, getting a list of my closest competitors, my rank, etc.
  • Behavioural questions, why do you want to join Zynga, why are you switching your job etc.

Round 2
There was a only 1 question in this round

  • Given a binary tree, find the largest BST among all possible BSTs
  • Behavioural questions, almost same as above

Round 3
This round contained 1 system design questions and 1 coding question.

  • Design a WhatsApp group messaging feature. Discussion around authorisation, best practices etc.
  • https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/find-a-tour-that-visits-all-stations/

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