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This article will give you information about the company, recruitment process, sample questions that have been asked previously, lots of experiences shared by other aspirants,… Read More
Round 1: Online Coding round in HackerEarth Round 2: Introduction, Project, Basics DSA Questions: Round 3: Question: Low-Level Design for Minesweeper. Internal Working… Read More
Zynga visited our college for campus placement. The interview consists of 4 rounds:- Round 1(Coding Test): This is an online coding test. The coding test… Read More
Round 1(Google Meet Interview DS + ALGO 1H 10M): Started with a quick and healthy introduction. He asked me a little about my past projects,… Read More
The interview was held in the Bengaluru Studio. For more than 1 yr experienced. There were 3 technical F2F rounds and all rounds were white… Read More
Zynga came to my campus for the software engineer position. First they conducted the Computer based test, where they asked 3 coding questions and 15… Read More
Interviewed off-campus for the position of SDE role (>1 yrs of experience) Round 1 There were 2-3 questions in this round Variation of rat in… Read More
Round 1 1. Design stack with push, pop and get minimum element in O(1) time. 2. Puzzle, 25 horses and 5 tracks. Code to… Read More
Round 1 (F2F 1.5 hour) OS concepts – semaphors and fork Average of two numbers , how do you handle over flow? and generalise the… Read More

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