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Zynga Interview Experience for SE-1 ( Experienced )

  • Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2020

The interview was held in the Bengaluru Studio.

For more than 1 yr experienced.

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There were 3 technical F2F rounds and all rounds were white boarding rounds where production ready code (if asked) was to be written.


Round 1: 1 hr

There were 3 questions in this round :

  1. Parse and check if a list of ip addresses are valid addresses –
  2. Convert a roman number to decimal –
  3. Minesweeper game design and code – More on different components and how to go about writing the code – Can be solved using graph algorithms like DFS/BFS.

Apart from the above questions, in depth discussion about Maps in Java and C++. How maps handle collisions – Linear probing and Chaining concepts. How are hash functions implemented.

Discussion on previous work experience and technologies used.

Round 2:  1 hr

  1. Detailed discussion on concurrency in OS – Semaphore, Mutex locks, Threads – Binary Semaphore vs Counting Semaphore.
  2. Discussion on Java concepts like Garbage collection and Threads. How Garbage collector removes unused references?
  3. What are smart pointers in C++.
  4. Further discussion on Maps and different types of map implementations in Java ( TreeMap, Linked Hash Map etc. )
  5. Design and code how a chat UI handles stream of incoming messages in bounded screen ( Whatsapp, Facebook chat screens ). Some idea about android UI helped me to solve this. I gave a solution using LinkedLists and RecyclerView ( Android concept). Interviewer wasn’t completely satisfied with the solution. Discussions on stuff like – scroll speed, gesture control etc. on the UI.

Round 3: Hiring Manager round – 1.5 hrs

  1. Discussion on previous work experience and technologies worked on.
  2. Question on tree –
  3. – a variation of above question.
  4. – Solution using hashmap and sorting preferred.
  5. Discussion on maps and collisions.
  6. Interviewer asked me to roughly draw the architecture of the application on which I worked in my previous firm. He asked me the technology used and role of each component in the architecture.
  7. Brief Discussion on TCP vs UDP. Different layers in TCP/IP model and what each layer is responsible for.
  8. Discussion on previous projects .
  9. Why I want to join Zynga and expectations from the company.

I was finally selected and I accepted the offer.

The interview experience was really amazing and the interviewers were very friendly and helpful.


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