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ZS Associates Interview Experience for Business Technology Analyst | On-Campus

Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2021
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Branch – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Company Name – ZS Associates

Profile – Business Technology Solutions Associate

Verdict: Selected

There were three Phases in the recruitment process:

First Phase: Platform- Talview

Round 1(Aptitude): This is a basic aptitude round consisting of 45 questions to be completed in  40 minutes. Questions were on the topics:

  1. Quantitative Analysis                  
  2. Verbal Ability                          
  3. Data Interpretation  
  4. Logical Reasoning                         
  5. Computer fundamentals            
  6. DBMS

Tip: Just try to be quick and attempt as many as you can, practice as many questions as you can before hand.

Round 2(Short case Study): This round included a small case study related to some business scenario where you are required to answer 8-10 MCQ questions based on the case study in around 30 Minutes.

Round 3(Video Interview): This will be a video interview round where you are supposed to record your answer for about 3 Mins each for 8 – 10 Questions. The questions are scenarios based and there might be some guesstimates but their probability is low.

Tip: Before speaking, compose your answer thoroughly and try to include various aspects of the solution.

Note – All Rounds are elimination round.

Second Phase: Technical interview- Monjin Platform

 The second phase is a technical online interview conducted by Monjin Platform. The duration of the interview is 30 mins. Questions were on the topics:

  1. SQL                         
  2. DBMS                            
  3. Business Analytics                         
  4. About ZS Associates

Tip: Prepare your SQL basics and some of the advanced topics

The interviewer may ask you to write queries so revise concepts of aliasing and optimizations you can employ in your queries. Questions that I was asked were:

  1. Joins and order of execution of SQL queries
  2. Basic Query examples (nth highest salary, self join)
  3. Some functions and case statements too. For example NVL, Decode, Rank vs Dense Rank, Timestamp functions

Final Interview: EBI+FIT round- Zoom Platform

In this round you will get an opportunity to meet a ZS leader. In this round, the ZS leader will ask you questions to know whether you are a right fit for this company or not. They check your thinking and the way you deal with a problem in your life and how structured you are while problem-solving.

The final interview can revolve around 6 areas:

  1. Common HR questions
  2. Resume
  3. SQL and DBMS concepts (Rare)
  4. Business case studies (Rare)
  5. Guesstimates (High)
  6. Puzzles 


  • Before moving ahead with the final interview it is very important to get into the right mindset of problem-solving. 
  • For this I watched videos of Aaditya Aggarwal playlist on guesstimates and case studies on Youtube.  These videos will cover most of your Business Case study and guesstimates questions.
  • Links:-
  • For puzzles, GeekforGeeks is the best.

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