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ZS Associates Interview Experience for Business Technology Solution Associate | On-Campus

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021

ZS was the third company that visited our campus in the month of August for the recruitment of three profiles:

  1. Decision Analytics Associate (DAA) (Open to all Branches)
  2. Business Operations Associate (BOA) (Open to all Branches)
  3. Business Technology Solutions Associate (BTSA) (Open to CS and Circuit Branches)

We can only select one profile among these three profiles so I chose BTSA.

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Phase 1(Aptitude Test, PSDD(Case Study), Video Interview)

Online Test(Only MCQs): Having 4 sections: 

  1. Verbal
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. CS subject quiz 
  4. Aptitude (Total 50 questions 45 minutes) 

Take care of the time as many candidates were not able to complete questions of this section. If you will qualify for this round then you will be requested to proceed to the next round.

PSDD: Basically a mini business case with different graphs and you have to solve the MCQs based on the same. (8 questions 30 minutes). 

  • This section was not very lengthy and we have a sufficient amount of time.  
  • If you will qualify for this round then you will be requested to proceed to the next round.

Video Round: Two questions were asked in this round. One was guesstimation and another one was a basic HR question (3 minutes window for each question). (2 questions 6 minutes)

Phase Two (Case study, Case Study Debrief, HR+Technical): Those who qualified the phase one were given the opportunity to attend phase two. It consisted of 3 rounds:

Case Study (Writing): At first, we were shown a video description of the case study. 

  • Thereafter we were given 60 minutes to read the case study as well as write our answers to the questions based on the case study. 
  • Many people say that SQL is very important in the case study round but it is not the case. 
  • It is fine if you write an algorithm and draw a flow chart. The only important thing is your approach on how to solve the problem.

Case Study(Discussion): This round was conducted on zoom. 

  • This round was about case debriefing. 
  • In this round, I had to discuss the case study with a ZS interviewer. 
  • He also asked for a puzzle. 
  • Discussed the projects I had done. 
  • No questions of SQL were asked in this round. 

EBI + FIT: This was also conducted on zoom. 

  • It was basically a Technical and HR round. 
  • First I introduced myself, discussed my projects. 
  • He also asked some project management questions, followed by a guesstimate (Asked to find out costs for the building of metro in Delhi which I was not able to answer properly). 
  • The round ended with me asking him some questions about the company and his experience with the company.
  • Overall it was a good experience for me. 

Just a single piece of advice if you are applying for BTSA. Don’t worry if you don’t know SQL. The only important thing is your approach to solve the question and they will judge you on the basis of your approach. 

Final Verdict – Selected

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