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Yamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience for Software Engineer (6 Months Internship+FTE)
  • Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2020


ROUND 1 (Online MCQ Test):

  • Online MCQ test divided into 2 sections. (Aptitude + Technical)
  • The aptitude section had quantitative and verbal reasoning questions.
  • The technical section had C++, JAVA fundamentals, OOPS, DBMS, CN, Data structures questions.

Out of around 80+ students, 48 were shortlisted for the next rounds.

ROUND 2 (Psychometric Test):

  • A psychometric test consisting of personality evaluation questions. It was a non-elimination round.

ROUND 3 (HR Interview):

  • HR Questions like introduction, hobbies, goals, strengths, and motivation were asked.
  • Puzzle 5+5+5=550, make this equation valid by putting a single line. It is a popular puzzle question easily available on the internet.

Out of 48 students, 26 were shortlisted for Technical Round and had to report to Faridabad, for an Offline one to one interview.

ROUND 4 (Technical Interview):

  • Began with an introduction and then favourite subjects were asked.
  • OOPS questions: Generalisation, Specialisation , Containership, Diamond Problem, Friend Function
  • Traverse a 2-D matrix using pointers.
  • Print 1-N numbers without using any loop. (Hint: Recursion)
  • SQL Query on finding the second-highest Salary from the employee table.

Out of 26 students, 9 were shortlisted.

ROUND 5 (CTO Round):

  • One meeting with the CTO of Yamaha motors solutions.
  • Questions regarding education, family background, interests, and hobbies.
  • Asked me to speak on DBMS.
  • CTO will try to assess your personality based on the way you answer your questions.

Finally, out of 9 students, 7 were given the Job Offer.

Bond: 2Yrs

Verdict– Accepted

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