Yamaha Motors Solution India Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience | On-Campus

Designation:- Graduate Engineer Trainee

Bond:-  2 Years

Total Selected Candidates:-  2 {1 Boy, 1 Girl (At least one girl will be definitely selected regardless of the level of technical expertise) }

Drive Date:- 26 Sept 2019

Round-1: Amcat like test having questions from a quant, verbal, cs fundamentals.
Around 30 students were selected for the next round.


Q) Introduce Yourself

Q) Training experience

Q) Project Discussion

Q) Family Background

13 students were shortlisted for onsite interview at YMSLI Faridabad.

Round-3:- Technical Interview

Interview Date:- 17 Oct 2019

Technical Round-1:-

1) What port do MySQL works upon?

2) Pattern
1 2 3 4 5
2 5
3 5
4 5
Can you do it using only one loop?

3) How to implement a map?
4) What is polymorphism in java?
5) Given a string find the occurrences of each character without using inbuilt ds, functions and loops?
6) What if I delete a row containing a foreign key to another table?
7) How to fetch the first 5 elements from a table?
8) SQL Joins?
9) How to take input in JSP based web page?
10) Trigger and it’s backend working.
11) Are java and C++ purely object-oriented? which one is/not and why?

Technical Round-2:-

12) Pattern
2 6
3 8 11
4 10 14 18

13) Project Discussion

Out of 13 candidates, only 7 got shortlisted for Chief Technical Officer Round.



1) Introduce Yourself
2) What was your rank in JEE Mains?
3) How many students in your college are already placed?
4) Why were you not selected?
5) General questions about summer training

Verdict:- Rejected

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