Wipro Turbo Interview Experience (PES profile) Campus recruitment

Round 1: This was an online round conducted on Mettl in campus placement. This was the kind of test which tests all the areas of your knowledge. There were 4 sections which were compulsory to attempt. First was aptitude and English which contained 25 questions in 30 minutes, after that it was a technical section which consisted of 30 questions in 25 minutes. It mainly had questions about DBMS, OS and CN. Then we had a coding section where two questions were asked based on arrays which were very simple(like the school level of practice.geeksforgeeks.org). Then in the next section, we were supposed to write an essay on a given general topic. Mine was the work-life balance. Write this essay properly because HR may read it before your interview . Key to get into the good profile is to get your coding questions right.

Round 2: This was a technical interview round which mainly revolved around my resume. Since my resume had a lot of python references I was asked mainly on that subject. Then they asked me about my dream project and an example where I could apply my technical knowledge in the real world around me. Believe me, if ace these questions you will surely be selected. Projects in advanced areas like Machine Learning, NLP, AI, BlockChain, Large Scale DBMS projects would make a strong impact.

Round 3: This was an HR round which was fairly simple. Show yourself as positive as possible. Don’t say any pessimistic statement about anybody or your institution and curriculum. Try to be energetic in this round although you would be tired.

Good Luck and Ace your interviews.

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