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Wipro Digital Interview (Turbo Profile for the Role of Project engineer)
  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2019

Round 1:

Part 1.1 :

Online Test(conducted by CoCubes) –70 Mins for 60 Questions–All MCQ’s
20-Technical(C, C++ or JAVA based upon your selection )-Data structures, OOPS and i/p o/p questions.
20-Logical Reasoning
20-Verbal (Reading comprehension, word meanings, error correction etc.)
Sectional Cut Off was considered.

Part 1.2 :

Programming (based on the language you selected i.e. C++/Java and whether you cleared Part 1.1 )
Some Examples:
Prime Factors sum
Perfect Squares
Number of possible Triangles in the given range
Pattern Printing(print in form of X, Squares, Right angle Triangle)

Round 2:

Technical Interview

For digital Domain only(as i was shortlisted for digital profile)

Data Structures, Algorithms,
OOPS Concepts, Basics of C++ and JAVA
Deep discussions on my projects (based on machine learning and front end development)

Round 3:

HR interview

I was the last guy to be called for the interview after waiting for almost 6-7 hours. The Interview was very general, she asked me about my family background, what do you want achieve in life and some general character based questions. She also asked me my location preference in the end and noted it and that’s all.

200-300 members attended 1st round and  around 60-70 got shortlisted for the 2nd round and finally they recruited 30 students. I am lucky that I was one among the selected candidates
Patience and Confidence is the key.
All the best

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