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Wipro Interview Experience | Set 10 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 11 Mar, 2023
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Wipro conducted a pooled campus placement session for the 2018 batch of the Government engineering colleges under the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (formerly, West Bengal University of Technology), on 20th and 21st September at the Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology campus in Serampore. More than 600 students from 6 different Govt. colleges (GCETT, GCELT, GCECT, KGEC, GCETT Baharampur, and MAKAUT) participated in this event, which comprised of a total of 3 rounds (all elimination). 


The first round saw every valid student sit for an online aptitude test followed by a pre-placement talk by the company representatives. The aptitude test was conducted by AMCAT (Aspiring Minds) which consisted of the following rounds in order.

Verbal – It was done for testing your basic knowledge about the English language and how you handle different aspects of the language such as grammar, vocabulary, passage reading, etc. A total of 18 MCQ questions were aired which had to be answered in 18 minutes. 

Quantitative – It comprised of 16 simple MCQ arithmetic problems of class 8 level and just 16 minutes were allotted for it. I’d suggest that Indiabix quantitative lessons are enough to clear this round. 

Logical – It had about 14 MCQ questions to be answered in 16 minutes, and it had some quirky puzzles, solving which were fun! You need to apply your common sense and logic to solve these ones. 

Coding – There were 45 minutes allotted for this special coding round where you need to write code (C/C++/C#/Java as you wish) for two given problems and run it. A compiler was provided and test cases were already set to test your programs. I had to first write the code for GCD and then I was asked to write a code for this pattern – If number of lines = 3, then pattern -> 1*2*3 7*8*9 4*5*6 If number of lines = 4, then pattern -> 1*2*3*4 9*10*11*12 13*14*15*16 5*6*7*8 I’d suggest practicing coding for different patterns available over the internet. 

Essay – We were given 20 minutes, and we needed to type an essay over a given statement in a maximum of 400 words. No spell checker or grammatical error checker was provided, and evaluation was done by the AI itself rather than a human. In my case, I had to write upon “Do you support this statement? – ‘If we abuse nature, it may turn evil’.” So, the total time allotted for this online test was about 2 hours, and you cannot change the order of attempting the categories as well as you can’t skip any question as no negative marking was there! I was previously experienced about AMCAT test pattern, so it was nearly a cakewalk for me. Just 70 students were selected from this round for the technical interview. 

Tips:- Make your basic verbal, logical and analytical skills competent enough, and practice coding a bit to get through this round. 


The technical round started on the very first day in the afternoon. I was called alphabetically when it was about 8 pm. First, I greeted the interviewer “Good evening, sir!” with a smile on my face. To my surprise, he replied to me with a soft voice and asked to sit. 

  1. I gave him my resume and he asked me to tell about myself. As I finished describing my educational background, I added on talking about my co-curricular activities, and when he came to know that I am an author also, he lauded me a lot. It boosted my confidence high. I explained to him why I want to work in an IT company despite I have a knack for writing. 
  2. Next, he asked what are the subjects we studied in our stream. As I was from the Information Technology stream, I told him about Operating System, DBMS, Computer Networking, Programming languages and all. He asked me what were the contents we studied in the OS.
  3. He asked me what ‘Deadlock’ is and how we can prevent and avoid it. 
  4. Next, he asked about ‘Semaphores’ and the difference between binary and counting semaphores. I explained all these questions in details. 
  5. Next, he asked me about my dream company. 
  6. Are you looking to relocate? 
  7. I asked him about the recent logo and tagline of Wipro, and he explained it in detail. 
  8. He finally gave me my resume back and said, “I’m pretty impressed about you, and you please come tomorrow morning for the HR round.” I thanked him for his kind words and also thanked him for providing me great confidence even after spending a tiresome day at the event location far away from Kolkata. Around 55 students passed the technical round. Tips:- Once again, have your knowledge about the core subjects at your stream ready! Prepare well about OS, DBMS, and Data Structures and explain in detail about the thing you are asked. And last but not the least, have a smile in your face because that lightens the interview environment. 


Some of us had to sit for a Skype video conferencing HR round which was a new thing for us. We were talking to the HR Manager sitting at the Bangalore HQ via laptop and a mobile handset. 

  1. When my turn came, I greeted him with “Good afternoon” first as it was around 1 pm on the next day. He greeted me back and asked me to introduce myself. I did that, in the same way, I did on the technical round. 
  2. I was asked about the service agreement of Wipro which states that, if someone leaves the job within 15 months of his/her joining date, he/she must pay 75,000 Rs. as compensation. 
  3. Are you able to relocate? 
  4. Why do you want to join Wipro? 
  5. Do you have any backlog/year gap? 
  6. Do you have any question for us? 
  7. He also gave me a basic idea about a typical day at Wipro for a fresher on my request. So, just 47 applicants were shortlisted from round and the final list was later mailed to the concerned department. Tips:- To clear the HR round, prepare the frequently asked interview questions from the internet. Be yourself, tell the positives about you whenever you get a chance and act cool, smart and jolly. So, even less than 10% of the applicants got selected out of this event, which means the competition is stricter this year. But, if you are well prepared and smart on the mentioned rounds, you can pass this hurdle fine. 


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