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Understanding DMADV

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Prerequisite: Six Sigma in Software Engineering


DMADV is a process defined as Motorola which includes six sigma management philosophy. The term stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify they work in a specific ordered process. DMADV is miscellaneous and stands in sub category which is unclassified. 

These consists  six sigma works with extremely ambitious goals in order to minimize the occurrence of flaws in product and service. Coupling improvements in the manufacturing process with those that governs customer services and helps in delivering a more complete and profitable product in market.  

Lets take a summarized look on the six sigma rules :

  1. Define : It states the problem, specify the customers ,identifies the goal, and target outline process is done. it’s the first basic stage of the framework where the goals gets distributed and identified the. Realistic and measurable are set by companies and the stakeholders. After making clear concept the project strategy are aligned according to client.
  2. Measures : It decides the parameter according to quantity ,works in the best way to measure, collects data and proceed by experiment. Critical factors are considered   and defines the requirements metrics in such a way that it can assess quality, process, capability and all possible risk factors.
  3. Analyze : It identifies performance goals and determines the input process which affects output process. It approaches developing design alternative ,defines better combination of requirements to achieve value within several constraint, designs and discover the best product in end.
  4. Design : It works on details, prioritizes high level design, optimizes prototyped model and detects error and runs processes high level design is developed and more detailed design with more high functioning prototypes .
  5. Verify : Expectations are confirmed, deployment are expanded, lessons are confirmed and trail are conducted. This last phase of team verifies design and make it up to the point and acceptable. This is also a major step in the whole plan which stipulates transition of the process into routine operation.

These steps scrutinizes exiting process therefore called sigma which falls short of six sigma requirements .All these sigma process are executed by six sigma .

It defines customer needs as they relate to a service or product. on the other side it so measures  customer specifications and needs. DMADV develops an appropriate business model to fulfill customers requirements

Strategies DMADV follows :  

  • Makes efficiency and effectiveness
  • No interchangeable design
  • Promotes six sigma rule
  • Priorities according to customer needs and services
  • Analyze and evaluates the design for the processes according to the product service
  • Checks result and maintains performance

Advantage of DMADV :

  1. Maximizes customer satisfaction.
  2. Increases profit.
  3. Minimizes Defect rates.

Disadvantages of DMADV : 

  1. Training employees in Six Sigma is time consuming and sometimes little costly also.
  2. Takes precedence over innovation and creativity is the main disadvantage.

Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2021
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