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Difference between DMAIC and DMADV

  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2021

Prerequisite: Six Sigma in Software Engineering

1. DMAIC :

DMAIC is a part of the six sigma program which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. DMAIC is a business strategy used to figure out how to improve processes while controlling costs.  It’s an effective way for identifying the root cause of significant problems within your operations or the surrounding environment and then leveraging that knowledge to create a plan to solve it.

  1. Define : First make sure that you have an objective in mind for what you want to improve and understand the problem as much as possible; this will help determine which process is being improved.
  2. Measure : Next establish a baseline from which you can measure improvement by collecting data before any changes are made. This might involve making a control chart or collecting data from past projects/work because it contains groups of similar problems.
  3. Analyze : After you have accumulated the data, analyze it to see what you can do to improve and get a baseline figure. This is a good time to use Control Charts and Pareto charts to see what improvements are occurring and which ones need more improvement.
  4. Improve : At this stage you should begin making changes that will improve your process. One of the most important factors is changing system thinking in terms of getting rid of bad habits and creating new good habits. This part of the DMAIC cycle is for continuous improvement in your company and overall health of the system.
  5. Control : After you have made all of the improvements, look at the data again to see how much it has changed and if there are any fluctuations or trends in your data. This will show you if you need to do more or less of something that you implemented.

2. DMADV :

DMADV is a part of the six sigma program which stands for Definition, Measurement Design Analysis Verification. These are general tools in the design process that we have found can be helpful to learn more about what is going on with your project.

 The five phases are  :

  1. Definition : The definition stage is when you establish a common understanding of how the design will be performed.
  2. Measurement : The measurement stage is when you collect data that helps you understand how your project is unfolding.
  3. Design : The design stage is when you leverage all of the information collected in order to make wise decisions about the next steps you may take. The information that has been collected can be seen as an opportunity to drive the project to a better outcome rather than being viewed as a source of risk.
  4. Analysis : The analysis stage is when you take all of the information collected in step 2 and step 3, and perform an analysis on it to help you understand what is really happening with your project.
  5. Verification : The verification stage is when you compare expectations of how you want the project to unfold with how the project is actually unfolding. By doing this comparison, you are verifying that your original intentions are being met.

When to use ?

1. DMAIC : DMAIC methodology is used when the product has already been released out of the company, however there are issues or the product deviates from the customer’s demand.

2. DMADV : DMADV methodology is used when the product is not built and is currently in the designing & planning process. It is also used when the product could not be optimized and needs to be rebuilt.

Difference Between DMAIC and DMADV :




01.DMAIC is about the improvement and control process. It defines the business process. Find problem then solve it in a target of providing improved solution.The design and verification process involves the redesigning of the whole process to come close to the requirement described by the customer.
02.It addresses the current processes of the project.It addresses the design processes of the projects.
03.It works better with pre-existing projects.It works better with new projects.
04.It is about minimizing the processes and correcting the errors.While it is about preventing errors.
05.It uses quantitative tools.It uses qualitative tools
06.DMAIC are usually considered for short term projects.DMADV are usually considered for long term projects.
07.DMAIC gives specific solution.DMADV is not the whole solution process, it is a part of the design solution.
08.It is about correction.It is about prevention.
09.DMAIC controls future process performance.DMADV verifies the design performance.
10.It is initiated from a problem.While it is initiated from an innovation solution.

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