Six Sigma in Software Engineering

Six Sigma is the process of producing high and improved quality output. This can be done in two phases – identification and elimination. The cause of defects is identified and appropriate elimination is done which reduces variation in whole processes. A six sigma method is one in which 99.99966% of all the products to be produced have the same features and are of free from defects.

Characteristics of Six Sigma:
The Characteristics of Six Sigma are as follows:

  1. Statistical Quality Control:
    Six Sigma is derived from the Greek Letter ? which denote Standard Deviation in statistics. Standard Deviation is used for measuring the quality of output.
  2. Methodical Approach:
    The Six Sigma is a systematic approach of application in DMAIC and DMADV which can be used to improve the quality of production. DMAIC means for Design-Measure- Analyze-Improve-Control. While DMADV stands for Design-Measure-Analyze-Design-Verify.
  3. Fact and Data-Based Approach:
    The statistical and methodical method shows the scientific basis of the technique.

  4. Project and Objective-Based Focus:
    The Six Sigma process is implemented to focus on the requirements and conditions.
  5. Customer Focus:
    The customer focus is fundamental to the Six Sigma approach. The quality improvement and control standards are based on specific customer requirements.
  6. Teamwork Approach to Quality Management:
    The Six Sigma process requires organizations to get organized for improving quality.

Six Sigma Methodologies:
Two methodologies used in the Six Sigma projects are DMAIC and DMADV.

  • DMAIC is used to enhance an existing business process. The DMAIC project methodology has five phases:
    1. Define
    2. Measure
    3. Analyze
    4. Improve
    5. Control
  • DMADV is used to create new product designs or process designs. The DMADV project methodology also has five phases:
    1. Define
    2. Measure
    3. Analyze
    4. Design
    5. Verify

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