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Understanding ITSM

Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2021
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IT Service  Management (ITSM) :
As technology part is becoming integral to most of business, companies are looking forward to the incorporate IT to fulfill all the required needs of the companies. ITSM stands for IT Service Management which consists of policies, processes and procedures for managing, implementing, improving and support the IT services. The IT service includes hardware, software or computing resources the organization supplies for an user but Its consistent focus stays on improving IT customer services in alignment with business goals.

ITSM is becoming the key enabler of transformation and modernization efforts with certain companies who push automatic user-centric processes to improve all over productivity, it is a disciplined complicated system with certain intended goals . whereas, ITSM automation very cost efficient. This article is a wholesome potion of the topic and will provides all basic knowledge to the reader.

Why businesses need ITSM ?
There are a number of reasons for which ITSM is required for a business.
Let’s know some of them.

  • ITSM makes IT teams work process easy by providing fast, agile, tension free response from the unexpected events, new offers and competitive threats.
  • Reducing IT wastage and cutting costs.
  • Improved agility for new IT services.
  • Automatic cloud processes create an end user portal where user will be provided auto provision resources within a private or public cloud .
  • Improves the customers experience and satisfaction.
  • Streamlines employee onboarding.
  • Improved request coordination for more efficient service.
  • Betterment in pushing out faster and more consistent updates.
  • Quick respond to major issues/changes.
  • Faster change in management processes.
  • Improved quality of services.

New technologies like Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Internet of Thing (IoT) are implementing, deploying these technologies in an ITSM can change business game, here are some skills needed for the ITSM are automation, artificial intelligence and analytics, business management, communication, change management, leanings and agility, customer services, interpersonal skills, innovation. ITSM software suites contain everything which is business related which work under frameworks of their choice and offer flexibility for all over development.

Framework :
ITSM frameworks are targeted at specific industries or businesses needs like telecommuting, government system, healthcare etc. These are some most used frameworks.

  • IT infrastructure library 4 (ITIL 4)
  • Business process framework(eTOM)
  • Control objectives for information and related technologies(COBIT)
  • FitSM
  • Microsoft operation framework (MOF)
  • The open group architecture framework (TOGAF)

Keep it in mind before implementing ITSM processes :
Ina organization if we will see IT team is like a service provider not just like another department. Because IT support teams are continuously working to provide a good working environment. There are 3 major things that each business has to keep it in mind before implementing ITSM processes i.e.

  1. The maturity of the team
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Framework to be adopted

Finally, ITSM has a power to change the business culture as well as relationship between IT and business. It always focus to what the business want and ITSM introduces that technology/tools/services to achieve the business goal. So main moto of ITSM is delivering value to customers.

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