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Toshiba Interview Experience for Embedded Software Engineer | On-Campus 2020

Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020
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TOSHIBA visited our campus NIT Nagpur on 2 Sept 2020 everything happened virtually due to pandemic. The job profile is of Embedded Software Engineer. Their focus was on knowledge on C and OS.

Online Round: The online round had 1 coding question It had to be solved on C. Technical section had various guess the output question and some basic OS-related questions followed by aptitude and reasoning questions.

Round 1 (Technical): The interviewer went through my resume asked questions regarding my project. Then I was given 2 coding questions.

  1. Given address =0x80008000 you have to set 8th bit of data inside this address. (You won’t get any output of this as this address isn’t there on the system but the program should compile this they wanted to check if you get to notice it)
  2. Find the middle element of the linked list in one go.
  3. Then they gave some codes and asked me to guess the output of the code they were based on MACRO and post-increment.
  4. Asked some questions related to OS, asked about the Volatile keyword in C, and asked about TLB. 

Round 2 (Technical): Was asked again 3 coding questions.

  1. Given a string find the char with the highest freq.
  2. To write a code to replicate calculator which would take input continuously from the user till “= “is occurs  and then return the operations provided (The only trick to know in this question is to know how to take input continuously study cin.peek() for it)
  3. Write a code to replicate memcpy() and if two strings have an overlapped memory how would you solve it(I didn’t know the answer about this but I told them I could use a linked list in overlapped memory for two string’s  character he was pleased with the answer)

Then I was asked about structure padding, cross compiler, working of the compiler.

Round 3 (Managerial): As I was from the ECE department I was asked question regarding the microprocessor 8086 its memory management, bus interface. Then I was asked OS-related questions regarding kernel, what happens when your laptop boots up, some questions related to main memory, paging.

Round 4 (HR): The interviewer was chill he asked some questions about me my family and then he told me about company.


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