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TCS Ninja Interview Experience CSE 2020

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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Hi! i am Hritika.
I am from 2020 batch cs, i have appeared in TCS ninja exam.i haven’t prepare for TCS so i thought that i am not going to make it, consequently i haven’t made my resume properly and i upload the one which was very simple like a Bsc student who have basic knowledge about the coding and languages, even i was so sure about not getting selected that i didn’t checked my resume and unluckily the spelling of my college name was not even correct.
Anyway… i appeared in the test and luckily i got selected.
The written test was basically comprises the English verbility, aptitude section, c, c++(mostly) MCQ and coding section in which i had given one program to make.
There were negative marking, so i’ve just attempted only those questions about which i was sure of.
i also got selected for TCS digital too.Actually only those students who have done well in ninja got the opportunity to give TCS digital.From my experience the aptitude section  of TCS digital was a bit lengthy, from what i got so far is that even your aptitude is not so strong and your coding part is very good and all your test cases pass in coding section, you can clear the written test.
Although i didn’t clear the digital so i was called to give the interview ….as i already said that i was sure that i will not clear the written hence my resume was not well prepare and this cost me alot..
so talking about my interview,   my interview timing was 8.30 am.I arrived 15 minutes earlier .At my time the interview was not face to face actually it was going to be on video conferencing so i was worried a bit because they will not be able to see students  personality….and all.
so after a long wait my name called and i came to know that the technical and hr round will going to be together, i went to give my interview.
So, in my case there were a male hr and female technical interviewer, firstly they asked me to give my introduction, i gave it, then they ask me about my project there were basically 3 questions asked about my project out of which
i have given 2 answer correctly for the third one the hr didn’t seems satisfied .Then in technical they ask me about aggregation and composition in java, well i didn’t think that instead of polymorphism, inheritance this question would have been asked so apparently i couldn’t gave the answer of these two questions, then they asked me about method overloading overriding, static method instance method, i gave answer of all these questions
then the mam, said sir i am done .Here comes the hr round .In hr round all the basic questions like tell me more about yourself, etc kind of questions asked they were basically cross questioning my answers. i thought that hr was impressed by me…he asked me whether i am ok with relocation i said  since i am from indore i would like to work here but even then i am ok with it.. and then they ask me to leave.
Then after 8 days mail from tcs comes and i found that i couldnt pass the interview
i just want to say that your resume play an imp role you must make a powerful resume and prepare it thoroughly,
secondly it all depends on the interviewer if this is your day you’ll get selected but if its not you will not no matter how well prepare you are…thank you.

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