TCS Ninja Interview Experience | ECE 2020

My TCS NQT was held on 3rd August 2019 wherein I thought that I will not be able to clear the exam. My batch was the 3rd batch of the day where we had easy aptitude questions and I found the technical round questions harder than the previous rounds. The program that was to be written was to convert a decimal number to a number system with base 17 which I was unable to build the program.

But as you are reading this article is about my interview experience I was able to clear the exam and get through the first round and make it to the interview!!

The results of TCS NQT were declared on 10th August and I got to knew that I had cleared my exam and not just that as I had scored well in it I even qualified for TCS Digital! I wasn’t prepared for this and the exam was just the next day on 11th August and I hardly had even 24 hrs to prepare so I was unable to make through.

My interview was scheduled on 19th August 2019 and I had an online interview where there were 3 members sitting across they asked me the following questions:

1) Tell us about you.

2) Explain volatile keyword with example.

3) Write a program about palindrome number and explain it.

4) Explain IOT. ( This question was asked because I had mentioned in the resume that I had completed a workshop)

5) Scope of IOT.

6) Are you willing to relocate?

7) Are you willing to work during night shifts?

And then the results were out on 24th August that I had been selected in TCS!!

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