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TCS Ninja Interview Experience (2020 batch)
  • Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2020

Hi,  I am student of CSE(2016-20) batch.

Round 1: Round 1 was an online test held at different exam centres. My exam center was TCS GitoBitan.

In this round there was 4 sections as follows:

  • English
  • General Aptitude
  • Programming MCQS
  • 1 coding problem

Question from any of the section was not much tough.All questions are of intermediate and easy level. English had basic grammar related questions. Aptitude consists of maths problem, but one should know the trick to solve quickly. Programming MCQ was my favourite part and it had questions to find out error in code and output of given code snippet. Last section had also easy level coding problem and i successfully did the code

After about two weeks from exam, I got mail that I had passed the test and after some day I got an call for interview at TCS Gitanjali.

Round 2: This was an interview round. I was on time and there was  lot of other students also for interview. After all the Document verification done, I waited for around 4 hours and then got a call from Interviwer. I was very much excited and bit nervous too.

Then, I entered the room by asking “May, I come in Please” with a smile.

There were three interviwer in the room i.e, one for HR, one for Technical and one for Managerial.

1st Question : HR mam asked “Tell me something about yourself ”

I was prepared and answered with confidence.

2nd Question : TR sir asked me about my projects which was mentioned in my CV and I answered it with confidence.

3rd question: TR sir asked some Java programming related questions and given me a simple code for practical implementation of ArrayList. I answered all.

At last MR asked that ” What You know about TCS”, I answerd as much I know and then he again asked “Why I want to join TCS?”, I answered this also as i was prepared for this.

This was my overall interview experience.

After about two weeks, I got an offer letter.

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