TCS Digital 2019 July(On-Campus)

Our college is a premium college(PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY).TCS Digital visited our campus on July 2 2019.

Round 1: Online test

          Criteria: For all departments, CGPA greater than 7 and no current backlogs for Round 1.

Divided into 4 Sections:


Question Level – Easy to moderate

  • Reading comprehension
  • basic grammer(in, on, at)
  • preposition

(The real thing is time constraint –  15 questions in 10 minutes. The problem is reading comprehension passage will be very long and only one question will be asked in that passage. So use time wisely)


Question Level- Hard

  • Permutation
  • Probability
  • Number system
  • Time and work

( 15 question-25 mins. Mostly the questions where on logical thinking. The aptitude questions are not direct one all need both logical and fast aptitude tricks )

PROGRAMMING MCQ :(15 Questions in 25 mins)

Question Level -Easy,     MCQS on c and java.

  • Trace the output
  • Error finding
  • Basic syntax and DS

CODING :(1 question- 30 mins)

Question Level-Easy

  • Knapsack Problem (8 Test cases)

(The most frequent interview problems only asked in coding round like maximum subarray, knapsack problem)

14 (out of 42) people from ECE dept got shortlisted for next round.

Round 2: Technical and HR interview:

     Only one round will be conducted. Two people will be on skype and one people will be in interview room. In skype there will be one Technical person and one HR. In interview room one totally one technical person and two HR people.


  • Tell me about yourself

(This the golden question for any interview.In tell me about yourself add points like what is your favorite subject so the interviewer will ask questions on that subjects.Try to add projects what you he will ask questions on that project.)(I said about my rdbms project and I said that my favorite subject is BIG DATA)

  • Tell Me about the project mentioned in your introduction.
  • What are the latest technology used in your project.

(Try to say latest digital technologies like ML, AI, bigdata, blockchain, cloud computing)(I said bigdata).

  • What are the 5 V’s of Big Data.
  • What is big data
  • What is Hadoop
  • What is RDBMS
  • What is Normalization (both anamolies and NF’s)
  • Difference between RDBMS and Bigdata
  • What is cloud computing
  • What is blockchain
  • How it is related to Bitcoin
  • what is DDL and DML and TCL

(All the questions for me is on database concepts and latest digital technologies. Try to know one projects in current latest technology. Try to know atleast What is AI, ML, Bigdata, blockchain, bitcoin. For some of my friends they asked questions on c like Reverse a string, Implement stack. In OS – Paging, mutex, semaphore)


{{Golden Rule – Show him that you are confident and keep smiling till the end of interview}}.

  • What is your hobby

(He will ask questions on hobby. So don’t lie. I said cricket, he asked about India 2019 world cup match, 2019 world cup final don’t try to lie)

  • You won a lottery of 10, 00, 00, 000, still you will come to job?

(He tried to change my answer 3 times please don’t change. Once you decided till the end don’t change your answer at the same time don’t try to argue)

  • What do you think about TCS
  • After 20 years how TCS will be
  • Tell me about your collage alumni

(I said shivanadar, mylsami Annadurai.)

  • Tell me about Mylsami Annadurai and chandrayan.


  • Why we want to hire you
  • You and your manager having problem. How do you solve it.
  • Any higher studies
  • Any queries

(Try to ask questions which will impress HR.)

Finally after 2 days the results where out.I got selected.




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