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TCS DESS Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-campus)

Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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TCS visited our campus last month for the Systems Engineer profile under the DESS unit. The DESS unit works in the latest fields of Mobility, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics, AI, etc.

1. Aptitude Test:
This round comprised of 2 tests one aptitude and one technical. The first round was of 50 min. and comprised of 30 questions. The second round was of 30 min. and 15 questions.

2. Technical Interview:
There were two interviewers in the interview. They asked me to sit and I gave them my resume.The whole interview rotated around the projects mentioned in the resume.
A vague outline of the questions is as below:

-Latest trend in mobile world(mainly Android).
-Database technologies such as NoSQL and it’s effects.
-Fundamentals of C,C++,JAVA.
-Networks layer concepts.

In depth discussion was done on all the above topics. The interviewers were very investigative and always tried to stump you out.

3. HR Round:

The HR round lasted for about ten minutes or so due to delays. The questions were as below:

-Why are you fit for this job?
-Are you okay with relocation?
-Are you okay with working overtime?
-Any plans of further studies?

The experience was very good and geeksforgeeks really helped me a lot with the preparations.Keep up the good work GFG.

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