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TCS Interview Experience | Set 7 (Off-Campus)

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Hello everyone, I am Raviteja. I attended the TCS Off campus drive 2016.

Branch: Mechanical
Mail id :-
TCS Written test : March 2nd 2016
TCS TR& MR : 18th March 2016
TCS HR : 19th March 2016
Place : Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology. Hyd

Technical and Managerial Round

There were around 800 members attended for TR & MR which is divided into half of members in the morning and left in the afternoon.

I had my TR & MR on 18th Morning. We have been allotted to 30 Panels.

There were 2 Interviewers in my Panel.

Me : Excuse me, May I come in?
Int_1 & Int_2 : Yes, Plz come.
Me : Thank you. Wished them with charming face.

Int_2 : Asked my Resume. They had a look on my Resume and asked me to introduce Myself.
Me: told…….

Int_1; What is your Final year Project?
Me: Explained clearly

Int _2: Tell me about your Mini Project?
Me: – Explained clearly

Int_1: Tell me something u know about Softwares.
Me:- Explained about Internet of things clearly. They impressed.

Int_2: You are from Mechanical, then why do u want to join in TCS ?
Me:- Convinced

Int_2: Write the program for swapping two numbers without using third variable
Me :- I wrote and explained neatly. They impressed.[ They said good looking at each other]

Int_1 : U got job in Bhel and TCS,then what do u do?
Me:- Convinced & they impressed.

Int_2: Have u applied TCS Before six months?
Me :- No

Int_1: What is your short term and Long term goals?
Me: -told

Int_1: u did n’t tell me about ur family. So tell
Me:- told

Int_2: Can u work at nights?
Me:- told

Int_1: Can u work at any where?
Me:- told

Int_2: Do u have any questions?
Me:- No, sir. I had a great time with u. Said thanks with great smile..

Within 20 minutes results r came. I got selected for HR, which will be held on next day.

Out of 800 members only 440 students promoted to HR.

HR Round
Me :- Excuse me mam, May I come in?
Int (madam) : Yes plz
Me:- Wished her with smile

Int:- Asked my resume and started with basic question” introduce your self”
Me:- told

Int:- u are from Mechanical, then why do u want to join in TCS?
Me:- told

Int: – Why should I hire u? tell me two reasons
Me:-Saying that my college taught me to learn new things easily….blah…blah..blah. Mean while she cross questioned me .

Int:- u said Learning is your attitude. So tell me what have u been learning still now?
Me:- shocked , anyhow I said my best

Int: – Tell me about IOT
Me:- said

Int:- Difference between IT Service and IT product
Me:- said

Int : can u work at night shifts?
Me:- said Yes, I can

Int: – r u aware of TCS Policy, suppose if u r selected u have to stay for 2 years
Me:- I’m Ok for it.

Int : Do u have any questions ?
Me:- said no & wished her again with great smile.

My interview is over.

On 22nd morning I got mail ….Hurray!!!!!!! I got selected

My suggestion:
Get prepare well for written test and for interview have a minimum language of any programming language. Never feel tension. If u, I’m sure u will definitely lose ur self confidence. Have a good communication skills. They just check your level of communication and how confident we are….

Thank you..

For any queries you can contact me my contact details are on top of this document.

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Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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