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TCS Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-campus)

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Round 1: Aptitude Test

This test consisted of all the various aptitude problems from variety of topics like puzzles, arithmetic & geometric series, permutation–combination, clocks and calendars, upstream-downstream, average, coding-decoding.

To clear this test one should be good at mathematics , verbal ,non verbal and quantitative aptitude. I would say RSAgarwal will be the best to prepare to clear this round .


Round 2: Technical Round

The companies like TCS give a thorough training to any hired employee. So they expect us to be good at basics of the subjects. I was asked a few questions like:

1. Difference between C++ and JAVA

2. Write an SQL query – how would you find the second largest number in table

3. What was your project in third semester??Any internship?

I explained them but they were not very happy with the work I did.

4. Topologies of LAN

5. Which is my favorite subject? I told them data structures and they asked me some questions like binary search tree, insertion of an element in a tree, linked list advantages etc

This round went well. I was able to answer almost all questions correctly.

Round 3: HR Round

  1. Your family background
  2. Are you willing to move to any part of country?

You should readily agree to this as far as I think. They don’t expect you to say NO.

  1. You weakness & strength. You may read to see answers to all common questions

After a wait of almost 7-8 hours, they declared the result and I got SELECTED 🙂

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Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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