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TCS Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-campus Recruitment Drive)

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“Welcome to TCS” These are the words which every aspirant reading this article is desperate to here.Few days back,I was also one of you . Believe me guys, its not too heard if you are prepared enough. 
Let me share my experiences and help you the only way I can. 


First step: 
Aptitude Test 

tip to crack this round is to keep your basic concepts in quant and practice them enough. And talking about number of attempts , I have attempted 23 and my friends who have passed the test also attempted around it. So no need to attempt all but accuracy matters a lot . So don’t misled by the arguments like more attempts lead to more marks. 


Second Step: 
Technical Interview : 

Results of the aptitude test were out around 8’0 clock in evening and there was the feeling of mirth but it was like that 3 interviews are still left and “main jung to abhi baki he” . 
So contemplating about the questions in the interviews and molding answers for them I slept. 
The day came when we were supposed to give interviews . I was prepared but little nervous as it was the first company at the campus and first that kind of interview. 
The turn came and I was there for my first interview 


Me: Good morning sir, may I sit? 
Interviewer: Ya sure. Hows your day today and how you feeling now? 
Me:I am fine sir. But feeling little bit nervous, as it is my first interview 
Interviewer:Ok Jalpa(after taking my form and resume). So tell me about your self. 

Me: answered with my name ,school, college, family and major achievements. 
Interviewer: Ok fine . now what are the core subjects that you are getting in your branch 

Me:told like CN,OS,DSA ,DBMS,JAVA ,C,C++ etc. (as I am in IT. These are the major subjects.) 
Interviewer:Ok than what about your project. 

Interviewer: why this project and asked some counter questions about it like alternative methods and why this particular method. 
Interviewer asked me about osi basic model ,dbms basic concepts like normalization and differenc between different normalization forms. 
Data structure basic questions were there and so many questions on inheritance basics . 

However all were basic questions ,go through the basics in detail because they are always ready to counter you and gauge you that you know the complete basics or you are just overviwer of the stuff. 

Interview ended in around 25 minutes and I was quite sure about my selection and happened the same. 


Management interview: 

Went in and interviewer introduced himself an HR who has 15 years of experience. Interview began with his cunning smile and my confident attitude. 
Interviewer : Introduce your self 
Me: told 
Interviewer: so jalpa, why TCS ? You should join an NGO as you seems interested in social work. 
Me: . IT is a platform with which will able to transform the world so my willingness make a change in society would also be fulfilled by having in depth knowledge of IT and implementing it in the right way. As I know TCS has contributed well in CSR activities and will continue to so. So TCS would be the best platform that would aide me to fulfill my dream . 
Interviewer: so where do you see yourself in next 5 years? 
Interviewer : what are your monthly expenses? 
Me: (confused as totally unexpected ) told 
Interviewer: so what do you expect fromTCS? 
Me: told 
Interviewer: How many lectures do you attend in college? 
Me: told 
Interviewer: Than If you want to learn something that you are not aware of ,what shall you do? 
Me: told. 
Me: told 
Interviewer: what if you are given tedious job that you don’t like in TCS what would you do? 
Me: told 
Interviewer: comfortable with any location? 
Me: yes with proper explanation 

Many a times he didn’t reacted or reacted negatively just to make me less confident or gauge me in stress situation so one trick to crack this round is “BE CONFIDENT”. 
After 20 minutes back to back questions I slipped to next round, HR round 



Interviewer: What is the meaning of your name? 
Me : (shocked) told 
Interviewer: what is your weakness? 
Me: told with recent example 
Interviewer: why tcs? NGO is a better place for you 
Me:told with explanation 
Interviewer: any questions? 
Me: (what? Just this much??) ya sir 
I asked one question and he gave replied with a detailed answer . 

So my HR round was very easy . I didn’t have to do much but my management round was challenging. 
Anyway I enjoyed the experience a lot and was satisfied with my experience. 
At 12 am result was declared and I got offer letter. Speechless about the happiness that my parents and my brother had on their face. I just hope everyone reading this will able to feel that moment of joy and of doing something after 18 years of study. 

Good Luck. 

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Last Updated : 01 Jul, 2021
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