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Uber started an off-campus drive in the first week of June. I got a referral through a college pass-out. After a week, I got the… Read More
There were 4 rounds. Each of them was an elimination round. Round 1(Online test on Hackerrank platform – 90 mins): An easy Tree-based question. (straightforward… Read More
I decided to write this article to help my fellow juniors with there interviews. I am not saying everything which I write in this article… Read More
Round 1(Online Testing Round) 1) What is the minimum time it will take to complete N trips with K cabs Input No of cabs(K) No… Read More
Round 1: The first round was an online coding round which consisted of 3 coding questions to be attempted in 90 minutes. Question 1 :-… Read More
1) First I had a 90 minutes coding round with three questions: They had modified a few questions from SPOJ. I found these later on.… Read More