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On-Campus Interview Experience of companies like UBER, Directi, DE-Shaw, Microsoft.

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I decided to write this article to help my fellow juniors with there interviews. I am not saying everything which I write in this article is necessarily true. This is just based on my experience from what I have seen in my college (BITS Pilani).

1) DE-Shaw -> This company asks you a lot of questions on OOP, DBMS, Operating systems, etc. This company strongly believes that the core concepts of the students must be strong. This company will also ask you way tougher question on DSA compared to companies like Microsoft, amazon, etc. I was asked questions on sharding, a concept of DBMS. The questions they asked me on OOP, etc, was nothing like you can answer just by reading articles online. DE-Shaw is a hard company to crack. I was among top-5, but then get rejected after final round.

2) UBER -> This company loves Graphs. Past two years, this company has been asking questions on graphs. Last year it was:
a) Shortest path in snake and ladder. Well it might seem like standard problem at GFG at once. But it was not. There were snakes below snakes. Ladders above ladders. And the set up was complicated. There might be other ways to solve this problem. But, according to me 0-1 BFS will crack this problem.
b) This, year they asked question on Bridges(a topic from graphs) .

Uber will also ask you a question on OOP design. So, be prepared for that.

3) DirectI(Media.Net) -> A very hard coding round. A medium difficulty level dynamic programming problem which was not standard. You won’t find this problem in a standard DP set. Moderate level questions on OOp and DBMS.

4) Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, etc -> These companies hired in mass and the selection was random. Some people got very easy question in the interview. They got in easily. Some got moderate level problems. But yes, almost all the questions were standard. You will find all the problems on GeeksforGeeks. So, if you have practices all the standard interview question at GFG, you will probably get in one of these companies.

A piece of advice: Please do-not memorise questions from GFG or other websites. Practice hard. Learn the concepts. You should become this good that every question seems standard. Focus on paradigm. Learn to identify, what paradigm you would use. DP, greedy, etc. You should be able to solve an unseen problem too. Its important to get into good companies. Solve, as many problems as you can from GFG, but your intent should never be of memorising this type of problem. It only dulls your mind.

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Last Updated : 06 Jan, 2020
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