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Publicis Sapient Interview Experience For Trainee Engineer 1 (On-campus)

Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2023
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Publicis Sapient is a globally known company that is famous for its consulting services. It was established in the year 1990. The company was initially called Sapient which as the years passed, evolved into Publicis Sapient after becoming a subsidiary of a French advertising firm Publicis. Publicis believes in several core values that were given in by themselves and were firmly followed in its workplace and culture which made it achieve a very good customer satisfaction.

Interview Process:

Since it is an on-campus drive there is no need to register anywhere. The list of students who were eligible will be sent to the HR department by the college placement team and the rest steps are as stated below:

  1. Written Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Round 1: Written Test

A link will be sent through mail to all the eligible students half an hour before the commencement of the exam. The exam will be conducted on Hacker rank as the platform. We can simply call this a Coding round because there will not be any aptitude or analytical questions asked in this exam. You’ll be given 2 coding questions and you have to solve them in the given time. The exam duration will be around one and a half hours. It wasn’t really easy to solve them and you have to use your brain to the fullest to solve these questions.

You will receive a mail if you get qualified for the second round in a day or two. So start preparing for the interview if you think you’d be qualified for sure.

Note: Don’t worry much if you’re not able to solve both of them. Sometimes you might get the interview call even if you can solve just one question. It just depends on how hard the questions are and the number of students who were able to solve them.

Round 2: Technical Interview

This is the second level of the hiring process and the level goes on like easy to hard. The interviewer will question on every technical topic that you’ve mentioned in your resume. For example, If you mention your technical skills as C, Java, Python, C++ etc. then the interviewer starts asking questions in C which goes from easier questions to harder ones to the point where you’ll not be able to answer and then goes to second topic which is Java and then Python, C++. DSA and Java are very important and you can expect a lot of questions from these subjects. This is how the interview moves. The duration of the interview will be around one to one and half hours based on how you answer.

You will receive a mail the same day if you get qualified for the HR round.

Note: Don’t worry if you are not able to answer the hard questions, the interviewer just wants to know at what level are you at. Also the interviewers will be helping you to clearly say out what you are thinking in your mind, if they think you know about that topic. So leave the tension behind and try to answer as much as you know.

Round 3: HR Interview

Here comes the last but a tricky round. We all know that many people who cleared technical interviews were failed in HR round. So we have to be super careful with this round and should be mindful while answering the questions.

Coming to Publicis Sapient’s HR interview, it is an interview which seems to be very easy after the interview completion but difficult during the interview. The questions will be very tricky and several questions will be asked many times expecting you to answer in different point of views. Be confident throughout the interview and listen the question very carefully while being asked. Try giving positive answers and try relating the questions with your character strengths and abilities only if you think it can leave a good impression. Get to know about the company and its core values a lot before attending the interview. Duration of this round would be around 45 minutes to one hour.

Note: Don’t forget to ask questions at the end if you are given a chance. Keep them professional, avoid asking their personal questions.


  1. Prepare well before attending any interview and always keep your resume real (especially technical topics).
  2. Keep your government Id proof with you always because there were many cases where the candidates were asked to show their ID’s.
  3. Avoid stuttering and wasting the time, just say you don’t know when you don’t know the answer.
  4. Control your facial expressions during the interview. It doesn’t mean to fake your expressions just react in the normal way that you always do.
  5. Last but not least, leave your tension all at once because we all know that we even forget about the topics that we know while feeling tensed.

With simple tips and a bit effort you can rock the interviews.

This is the interview process at Publicis sapient(On-campus). The whole process is very smooth. Results will be declared with in a week and then the remaining process starts.

Best of luck, fellows!

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