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ADALINE (Adaptive Linear Neuron or later Adaptive Linear Element) is an early single-layer artificial neural network and the name of the physical device that implemented… Read More
Recurrent Neural Network(RNN) are a type of Neural Network where the output from previous step are fed as input to the current step. In traditional… Read More
Convolution is a very important mathematical operation in artificial neural networks(ANN’s). Convolutional neural networks (CNN’s) can be used to learn features as well as classify… Read More
Tensorflow is an open-source machine learning library developed by Google. One of its applications is to developed deep neural networks. The module tensorflow.nn provides support… Read More
Neural networks are the core of deep learning, a field which has practical applications in many different areas. Today neural networks are used for image… Read More
To put in simple terms, an artificial neuron calculates the ‘weighted sum’ of its inputs and adds a bias, as shown in the figure below… Read More
It is recommended to understand what is a neural network before reading this article. In The process of building a neural network, one of the… Read More
It is assumed that reader knows the concept of Neural Network.When it comes to Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks perform really well. Artificial Neural Networks… Read More
An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an information processing paradigm that is inspired the brain. ANNs, like people, learn by example. An ANN is configured… Read More