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FrameDomain is an automated tool that aims to enumerate subdomains of the parent domain. FrameDomain tool consists of various sub tools like SubExtractor, Riddler, Anubis,… Read More
Metadata can consist of some sensitive information. steganography is the technique in which the sensitive data is been hidden into pdf, png, or sometimes video… Read More
HydraRecon tool is an automated tool developed in the Python language which performs the task of Information Gathering and Crawling the associated links of the… Read More
LazyGrandma tool is one of the outstanding Recon tools which gathers information from around 50+ online websites. This tool divides the recon process into 10… Read More
HackingTool is a free and open-source tool available on GitHub.  HackingTool is used as an information-gathering tool. HackingTool  is used to scan websites for information… Read More
Directories on the target domain can contain some sensitive information about the Web-Application which should not be revealed. We can discover this hidden directory by… Read More
Netizenship tool is an automated tool developed in the Python Language and also comes as a package in Python. This tool is an OSINT tool… Read More
SIGIT or Simple Information Gathering Toolkit is an automated tool used for Information Gathering and OSINT analysis. This tool collects various types of information like… Read More
ReconWolf tool is a fully automated tool that performs the basic Web Reconnaissance in the target host or domain. This basic information collected can serve… Read More
HOCig or HackersOnlineClub’s Automatic Information Gathering is an automated tool used in the phase of Information Gathering on the Website target domain. This tool has… Read More
There are many hidden and sensitive services that are run on unidentified ports. For eg., the domain can run the MySQL database on port… Read More
Information collected through public sources or social networking sites helps in building a social engineering attack environment. This is an OSINT technique to gather information.… Read More
In some cases, we have the largest of domains and subdomains which need to be tested for security flaws. the first step is to check… Read More
Social Engineering is an attack that can be performed on the organization and also on the person. Professional and Personal information collected about the person… Read More
Dracnmap tool is an automated tool that aims to perform network exploitation and information gathering on the target host or network. This tool collects information… Read More