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any is one of the newest features of C++17 that provides a type-safe container to store single value of any type. In layman’s terms, it… Read More
A Cast operator is an unary operator which forces one data type to be converted into another data type. C++ supports four types of casting:… Read More
A Vector Quantity is a Quantity which possesses both magnitude as well as direction. Here, magnitude is simply the amount or size of the quantity… Read More
Create a function that prints multidimensional array size by dimenstions i.e.: Examples: Input : int a[2][3][4]; printDimensions(a); Output : 2x3x4 Input : int b[5][6]; printDimensions(a);… Read More
Defaulted Function What is a Defaulted Function? Explicitly defaulted function declaration is a new form of function declaration that is introduced into the C++11 standard which… Read More
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Iterators in C++ STL | Introduction Functions Iterator operations : std :: advance : Advance iterator std :: distance : Return distance between iterators std ::… Read More
Non-modifying sequence operations  std :: all_of  : Test condition on all elements in range std :: any_of  : Test if any element in range fulfills… Read More