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Round 1: Started with an introduction of myself. He asked me to pick a project and enunciate on the same. Asked some questions regarding the… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N. In each operation, pick an array element X and remove all array elements in the range [X –… Read More
Preliminary Round: Shortlisting was done on the basis of GPA. Students above 7 GPA were shortlisted for Online Round. Online Round: This round was on… Read More
The process consisted of a mass shortlisting with CGPA criteria of +8.5, followed by a coding test consisting of 2 coding questions, logical and aptitude… Read More
Arcesium visited our campus (MNIT Jaipur) in the latter part of August 2020 offering a 2-month Summer Internship for 2021. Initially, there was shortlisting based… Read More
Online Coding Round (HackerRank): 3 Coding Questions with 1-hour time limit. Given a binary string, find the minimum number of replacements to make the binary… Read More
It was a complete virtual process ( July 2020) .  Test There was a online test consisting of 32 questions with 15 Aptitude questions, 15… Read More
  For Software Engineer role: Round 1:  Online Coding Round (HackerRank) 3 Coding Questions in 1.5 hour time limit. Q1.  Given a binary string , find the… Read More
Round 1: Hacker Rank Test 1. Stock value decreases value by 1 or multiplied by 2 end of every day. Given Stock of price x.… Read More
Hacker Round Test: Replace a character c1 with c2 and c2 with c1 in a string S. But it was mentioned that the string will… Read More
Initial Online Screening: There were 3 questions conducted in hackerrank: I dont remember the first one .  Your job was to find the number of… Read More
Round 1 The first round had 20 Aptitude MCQs (20 min) and 15 Technical MCQs (15 min) with +1 and -0.25 marking schemes. Aptitude test… Read More
Round 1: Online HackerRank There were 3 questions. Find the smallest positive integer value that cannot be represented as sum of any subset of a… Read More
Round 1 – Online Coding (HackerRank) LFU Cache Implementation with capacity c and key value pair Given a height of tunnel H and array for… Read More
The whole process was online. All the interviews were help via HackerRank CodePair Platform in our TPC office since they did not visit the campus.… Read More