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College: Tier 3 Institute Previous Experience: 1-year experience in Product based organization + Internship (Product based organization) Mode: The recruiter reached out to me by… Read More
Company: Arcesium Role: Software Development Engineer Intern(2months) Eligibility criteria for online test: CGPA – 7 for CSE/IT and 8 for ECE etc. They also consider… Read More
Arcesium started an FTE pool drive for some selected IITs and NITs in June 2021. All the eligible candidates were shortlisted for the online test.… Read More
College: Tier 2 Institute Date of Offer: June 2021 Previous Experience: 1 yr (approx) experience in Product based organizations Mode: Recruiter reached out me on… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N positive integers, the task is to find the product of the maximum of all possible subsets of the… Read More
Given two positive integers X and Y and an array arr[] consisting of N positive integers such that arr[i] represents the height of the ith… Read More
I applied on LinkedIn and was contacted by a recruiter. Following that, I was sent an online test link with three questions. I’ve solved all… Read More
Total 4 Rounds Hacker rank Assessment   2 x Technical Interviews  HR Round Round 1 (Hacker Rank Assessment): 3 Problems related to Graphs, Ad Hoc… Read More
Round 1: Started with an introduction of myself. He asked me to pick a project and enunciate on the same. Asked some questions regarding the… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N. In each operation, pick an array element X and remove all array elements in the range [X –… Read More
Preliminary Round: Shortlisting was done on the basis of GPA. Students above 7 GPA were shortlisted for Online Round. Online Round: This round was on… Read More
The process consisted of a mass shortlisting with CGPA criteria of +8.5, followed by a coding test consisting of 2 coding questions, logical and aptitude… Read More
Arcesium visited our campus (MNIT Jaipur) in the latter part of August 2020 offering a 2-month Summer Internship for 2021. Initially, there was shortlisting based… Read More
Online Coding Round (HackerRank): 3 Coding Questions with 1-hour time limit. Given a binary string, find the minimum number of replacements to make the binary… Read More
It was a complete virtual process ( July 2020) .  Test There was a online test consisting of 32 questions with 15 Aptitude questions, 15… Read More