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Arcesium Recruitment Process

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This article will give you information about the company, its recruitment process, sample questions that have been asked previously, lots of experiences shared by other aspirants, and the portal where you can apply.

About Company :

Arcesium is a post-trade technology and professional services firm. They offer a new way for hedge fund managers to scale their business while maintaining control of critical non-investment activities. Arcesium combines a comprehensive and fully integrated technology platform with a team of experienced hedge fund professionals to solve the most complex post-trade challenges of asset managers. Building on a platform developed and tested by one of the world’s leading hedge funds, the D. E. Shaw group launched Arcesium as an independent company in 2015. The company has headquarters in New York City, NY. They received additional equity backing from their second seed client, Blackstone Alternative Asset Management, the world’s largest discretionary allocator to hedge funds. By providing cutting-edge technology, automation, and security, Arcesium enables clients’ operations, accounting, treasury, and enterprise data management teams to achieve unparalleled results. Arcesium India won the “Best Partner Award 2016-2017” conferred by the Indian Development Foundation (IDF), a national NGO committed to the health, education, and development of India, for their impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Arcesium India also won awards for “Leading Practices in Benefits Administration” and “Leading Practices in Learning & Development”.

Recruitment Process :

Arcesium conducts 5-6 rounds to select freshers as Assistant System Engineer in their organization.

  • Online Round
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • Technical Round 3
  • Technical Round 4
  • HR Round

Academic Criteria :

  • 70 percent or above in B.Tech, Class X and XII.
  • No backlogs at the time of the interview

Written Round :

The Online round consists of two parts which are conducted on some online coding platform (hackerRank). First part contains Technical and Aptitude based MCQs and the second part contains two or three coding problems. MCQs cover the topics including – DSA, Operating Systems, C, C++, Java basics.

Tips :

  • Try to attempt all the questions, if no negative marking
  • Do all the coding problems. Sometimes, only those are called for next round who have done all the coding problems.

Technical Round :

The students who clear the written round are called for an in-depthTechnical Interview. To clear technical interview rounds you should be clear with your basics and also have in depth knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms, DBMS, Operating Systems, and Networking. Students will be expected to write codes in the interview. They also ask questions from resumesyour. You may be asked puzzles in this round.

Tips :

  • Mention only those projects in resume which you know thoroughly
  • Prepare well for Operating system and Database management
  • Before interview fo through the company website

HR Round :

You can expect HR questions like :

  1. Tell me about Yourself
  2. Why Arcesium ?
  3. How do you see yourself after five years from now ?
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Questions form resume

Interview Experiences

It is always beneficial if you know what it is to be there at that moment. So, to give you an advantage, we provide you with the Interview Experiences of candidates who have been in your situation earlier. Make the most of it.

Questions Asked in Arcesium :

  1. What is Application Programming Interface (API)?
  2. What is Accessibility Testing?
  3. What’s the Software Testing?
  4. Process 1 in UNIX?

Where to Apply?

Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2023
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