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Step Wise Guide to start with Open Source

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2022
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What exactly is Open Source Software?

It is definitely not correct when someone says that free software is an open source software. An open source software may or may not be free software. Open source software is one with free redistribution, open source code where one can do some tinkering and change stuff based on requirements.

Example: Android is an open source software, but google charge a license fee to manufacturers so it is not free software.

Why open source is important?

1. Different developers around the world can contribute to a repository.
2. Sharing/knowing ideas which you can never think on your own.
3. Showing the world that you know something.

Open source contribution will also help you to make a portfolio where you can show your future employer that you can code.

To start your open source journey.

PART1: To Push your personal project to GITHUB.
1. git init
2. git remote add origin [link]
3. git add *
4. git commit -m “commit message”
5. git push origin master

PART2: To contribute to someone else project use the following steps:
1. Fork the repo.
2. Clone the project in your local directory using git clone [link]
3. After clone, create a new branch. git branch [branch name]
4. Checkout to new branch created using: git checkout [new branch name]
5. Make changes in Project then ‘git add’ and ‘commit’
6. Push back the changes using git push origin [newbranch name]
7. Open Github web view and click the pull request button and you are done.

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