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Staffing and Human Resource Management

Last Updated : 06 Apr, 2023
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Staffing and Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a process that brings people and organizations together so that organizational and individual goals can be achieved. Human resource management can be defined as the art of procuring, developing, and maintaining a competent workforce to achieve the goal of an organization effectively and efficiently. In the present business environment, no business can exist without appropriate human resources. So, human resources management has become the main focus of every organization.

Evolution of Human Resource Management

The present-day Human Resource Management has resulted from a number of inter-related developments:

  • Labor relation officer: The development of trade unions was made possible due to the industrial revolution. These unions felt the need for a person who could act as an agent between the owners and the workers. As a result, a ‘Labor Welfare Officer’ was appointed, who was in charge of the welfare activities of the employees. But his role was limited to that extent only. 
  • Personnel manager: Upon the introduction of the factory system, a large number of people started being employed under a single roof. Therefore, there was a need for a person who could take up the responsibility of recruitment, selection and placement of individuals or personnel. This resulted in the emergence of personnel officers and also personnel managers later on.
  • Human resource manager: The rapidly changing development in technology in the past years created a necessity for new skill development and training of employees. People started being seen as an important resource. Therefore, this update needed to be taken care of by a human resource manager, which led to the replacement of the personnel manager.

Human Resource Management in Present Scenario

Given the present scenario, no industry can survive and grow without suitable  human resources. Therefore, human resources have become the main focus of every growing organization. Human resources are the most important resources of an enterprise. Efficient and suitable manpower brings a business enterprise into existence, and also promotes its growth and development. The present day HRM includes the following activities:

  • Manpower planning refers to the process of analyzing all kinds of activities in the organization regarding the selection and hiring of workers for jobs to fill in the vacancy of an organization.
  • Employment of people involved the following steps: Recruitment, i.e., searching for potential people for the required job, selection, i.e., shortlisting the suitable candidates, placement, i.e., assigning the right people for the right job, and orientation, i.e., introducing the employees to the organization.
  • Training and development of the employees are necessary, as they need to stay updated on the organization’s work and technology for efficient working and growth.
  • Compensation and remuneration, which involves developing a system of adequate and equitable remuneration. It is an important and necessary step required for getting as well as holding qualified employees.
  • Performance appraisal is concerned with the evaluation of the employee’s performance.
  • Maintaining relationships with the labor as well as union management, and taking care of complaints and grievances.
  • Giving social security and welfare to the employees and taking care of legal procedures and policies.
  • Dealing with legal procedures of the organizations.

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