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6 Careers in Human Resource Management

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Human Resource is one of the interesting career choices that you can take up if you feel that you have relevant skills and interest in it. There are a lot of important tasks that an HR manages, starting from every employee-related issue to being the face of the company in the current business scenario. Since a lot of HR-related tasks include people interaction and social skills, one should make sure that he/she has an ability to talk to people and make them feel comfortable around them, which requires the person to have good communication and patience. This field requires the person to take up tasks that involve a lot of responsibility and to be humble enough to listen to criticism if things cannot be executed in the favour of the employee but are good for the company’s growth in the long run. Human Resource personnel also need to have money management skills, as it is their responsibility to handle the company’s budget in such a way that things go well in the financial aspect for the company.

The educational qualifications for this career can include graduation in any field and post-graduation in the HR domain. Although, a lot of companies have the hiring undergraduates as HR Recruiters or talent acquisition specialists in entry-level positions, which gives them an opportunity to start their careers in the HR domain without a master’s degree and also gives them a chance to gain experience and then go ahead and pursue their masters in the same field if they feel passionate about this career. This gives an additional advantage of job experience before the master’s, which can work in the favour of the person during and after their master’s in the human resource domain. Recruitment being the core and one of the important aspects of the HR field, makes the person quite equipped in terms of judging people and understanding their behaviour since recruiters have a good understanding of the behavioural aspect of the candidates they hire. A career in Human Resource Management can have a number of specializations, which gives people a certain flexibility in choosing their field of interest if they want to. 

Some of the designations have been discussed in the article below, which will give you a brief idea about the overall role of Human Resource Management and the opportunities available in the market in the current scenario.

  1. Human Resource Assistant/Associate/Executive: This is usually the first designation offered as soon as you start a career in the HR domain. The roles and responsibilities in this role mostly include the overall recruitment and basic operational task management, which can include salary sheet management, responding to employee emails, carrying out employee engagement activities, etc.
  2. Human Resource Recruiter: Recruitment being the most important aspect of any organization, recruiters are in high demand these days. The job responsibilities in this area include end-to-end technical and non-technical recruitment as per the requirements raised by the respective teams of the company. Recruiters use several hiring tools such as Naukri, Hirist, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc., to get the best talents out there in the market for their company.
  3. Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP): The HRBP profile includes the tasks that contain recruitment, employee relation management and acting as the face of the company.
  4. Talent Acquisition Specialist: A lot of companies have two teams in their HR domain, one being the team who handles the internal recruitment and operational tasks of the employees of the companies and the other being the ones who hire for the third party. Apart from this, there are a lot of consultancies that do core recruitment for either other companies or help students who are looking for relevant opportunities. This is in high demand these days and is a good option for people who have opted to gain experience in the HR domain before their master’s.
  5. Labour Relations Specialist: This is an HR field, which requires certain specialization since it deals with spreading awareness and dealing with the labour laws in an organization. These people also resolve conflicts between employees and help to resolve issues at the workplace.
  6. Human Resource Manager/Director: This designation, as the name suggests comes after a certain experience in your career. The roles and responsibilities, in this case, include management and guidance of several teams that are present in the HR department of a company and represent and plan their tasks and interests to the concerned senior authority. Strategic planning and decision-making are two important traits and aspects of this designation.

Human Resource Management can be one of the most challenging and at the same time the most exciting career one can look forward to. One should be ready to face situations where things might take a legal turn, and they have a responsibility to act as fair as possible and not act biased in any way. The activities conducted for the employees on a monthly or weekly basis by the Human Resource Management bring out the creative side of the employees, which directly or indirectly helps in increasing productivity in the organization and comfort among the employees. Since the market is constantly evolving and changing, there can be a lot of designations and different responsibilities out there in the HR domain for interested people. Therefore, one should understand their strength and weaknesses and should research before entering into a certain career domain.

Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2023
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