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Difference between Procedures and Methods

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  • Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2022
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Routine steps to carry out activities in an organization are known as Procedures. They are established for repetitive activities. They describe the manner in which an activity is to be performed. Procedures are generally rigid and do not have any scope for creativity. It removes ambiguity in work and makes the work structured and unified.

The prescribed process in which a particular task or activity is performed as per the objective is known as Method. It provides standardized steps to perform a task. Methods avoid confusion and ambiguity and vary from task to task. Selection of the proper method saves time, and effort and increases efficiency.

Difference between Procedures and Methods:




Meaning       Procedures are routine steps to carry out activities in an organization.Methods are prescribed processes in which a particular task or activity is performed as per the objective.
ScopeThey have a wider scope as it lays down the sequence of all the activities to be performed by an organization.They have a comparatively narrower scope as it is confined to one step of the procedure.
FlexibilityThey are more rigid as compared to method.They are more flexible than procedures.
AimTheir main purpose is to develop steps for completing a task or activity.Their main purpose is to standardize the way of completing a task or activity.
Example            Procedures for importing and exporting goods by an organization.There are different methods of training available to train the employees.
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