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Difference between Fayol and Taylor Theories of Management

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Henri Fayol and F.W Taylor made a great contribution to the field of management, which formed the basis of practice for future managers.

Difference between Fayol and Taylor Theories of Management

Fayol was a  French industrialist who worked in a French Mining Company. He is known as ‘the Father of General Management’ because of his contribution. Apart from developing fourteen principles of Management, he found that the activities of an industrial organization can be divided into six groups: Technical, Commercial, Financial, Security, Accounting, and Management. 

F.W Taylor was an American mechanical engineer. He worked in Bethlehem Steel Company and experimented with his ideas and made contributions to the management theory. He developed Scientific techniques of management and was the first person to apply scientific techniques in managing an enterprise. For his contribution, he is known as the ‘Father of the Scientific Management’.

The contribution made by Fayol and Taylor are complementary to each other. However, we can point out a few differences between them.

Fayol Vs Taylor- A Comparison


Henri Fayol

F.W. Taylor

PersonalityFayol was a practitioner.Taylor was a scientist.
Perspective             Fayol developed the principles from the point of view of the top level of management.Taylor developed these principles and techniques keeping in mind the lower level.
Unity of CommandUnity of Command is strictly followed.Unity of Command was not followed and emphasis was given on functional foremanship.
Applicability                Fayol’s principles are universally applicable, as they are flexible.Taylor’s technique or principles are applied in specific situations, as they are less flexible. 
Basis of formationFayol’s principles are based on personal experiences. Taylor’s principles or techniques are based on experiments and observation.
FocusThe main focus is given on the overall administration of the organization.The main focus is given on increasing productivity of employees.
ExpressionFayol’s principles are expressed as general theory of administration.Taylor’s techniques are expressed as scientific management.
Human ElementImportance was given to human element in principles, like equity, initiative and stability of tenure.Less importance was given to human elements, and more importance was given on increasing production.
EmphasisEmphasis was given on principles and theory of general administration, and on functions of managers.Emphasis was given on standardization of work and tools. 

Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2023
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