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Sourcefuse Technologies Interview Experience (On Campus)

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Job Title: Junior Software Developer

Round 1: Online Coding Round

This round was held on There were 4 sections and each section had a time limit.

1) Aptitude MCQ
3) Data Structures MCQ
4) Coding ( 3 questions were there)

Everyone had different questions because of different sets.

Q1) Print a pattern 

Input: 4


Q2) Shruti and Manas are playing with numbers. Manas gave N distinct numbers to Shruti. Shruti will insert all these N elements to a set S.

Now, Manas asks Shruti to tell Kth greatest element present in the set after performing the following task:

1) Shruti has to choose all pairs of two numbers from the set and find their absolute difference an insert this difference back into the set.

2) Shruti has to perform the above operation on S until |S| no longer changes.

Can you help Shruti?


2 6 10


Q3) Aamir Khan sets out for a world tour to N countries. He has plans for the same. He strictly follows the itinerary and visits countries. There are three modes of transport- Plane,Ship, and Helicopter.

He never prefers to travel by the same mode of transport consecutively as it is monotonous. But the cost C varies for each journey depending on mode of transport. 

Minimize the total world tour cost satisfying the given condition.



14 15 16

11 12 13



Each question had weight-age  as easy,medium and hard

The shortlisted students for interviews were only those who were able to code at least 2 questions.

Round 2: 
20 were shortlisted for this round. 

The following questions were asked
1) Walk me through resume, your hobbies and your preferred language.

2) What is subquery? Give an example.

3) What is DBMS? Difference between DBMS and RDBMS?

4) How are RDBMS tables stored? Difference between file system and rdbms system?

5) How do you write a query in mongodb?

6) Document vs collection in mongodb?

7) What is polymorphism in cpp and explain their types.

8) Purpose of Virtual function? Give example.

9) What are primary,candidate,foreign key?

10) Can foreign key,unique key and primary key be in same table?

11) Can foreign key be referenced to same table ?

12) Basic question:

This round lasted 30 minutes.

Round 3:

11 were shortlisted for this round.
The following questions were asked:

Full resume based round. Can ask anything from resume.

1) Explain project.(It was Java web app project)
2) Tell me what all classes did you made?
3) How did you connect to DB?
4) What does JDBC do?
5) What is cascading means in CSS?
6) Suppose in a table all data is filled. How do you select all the table data using JavaScript/Jquery?
7) Suppose you had to make a website like red-bus, what all classes would you make?
8) How would you link the two classes?
9) What is trigger, view and stored procedure?
10) What is set-Timeout?
11) Why to use it when we want our website to work fast?
12) Why should the user wait for some period of time?
13) Discussion on what company does and do I have any questions for him?

There were a couple more questions. This is all what I remember.

This round also lasted 25-30 minutes. 

5 students were finally selected and I am happy to say I was also selected.


Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2020
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