Kreeti technologies Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Round 1:It was based on 4 main areas that are 

1. C language

2. English comprehension

3. Aptitude

4. General awareness

This round test your hard practice over these topics and chance to get it clear is very low.

For these things you can follow geeksforgeeks and thatst enough to clear this round.

I got selected, among approximately 200 students 8 was selected for next round, my name was there.

Round 2:
This round test your coding skill and try practicing codes from practice section from geeksforgeeks. As this helped me a lot to clear it.

Be good in data structure and array manipulation.

Round 3: 
This is the final and most important round as you will be interviewed by 3 or 4 technical persons but be confident and clear what you speak throughout your interview.

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