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Sopra Banking Interview Experience for Graduate Engineer Trainee

Last Updated : 08 Nov, 2021
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Hey everyone, I am glad to share my Interview Experience of Sopra Banking Software India On-campus drive. Company came for (CSE, IT branches). Criteria for the company was student’s marks should be 80% or above in 10th, 12th and 70% or above in B.Tech. In our college around 150 students were eligible for company.

Round 1(Technical Round – 50 Min): The round consisted of 30 technical MCQs. Topics included were:

  • DBMS
  • MySQL
  • OOPS
  • C/C++
  • Data Structures
  • Output based
  • Error hunting

The company had set some standards for clearing each round. They keep a fixed cut-off, no matter if less number of students clear the round (no drop in cut-off from their side). Out of 30 questions the cut-off was around 27 questions should be correct for next round. I cleared this round. Out of 150 only 25 people cleared this round.

Round 2(Aptitude Round – 75 min):  This round consisted of flowchart-based visual aptitude questions. The round consisted of 11 questions that were to be done in 75 min. Before the start of assessment, sir from the company gave the instructions for this round. He said that focus is very important for such questions as it could easily trick you and you will miss a statement and lead to a wrong answer. The questions consisted no options. There was an empty box and you were expected to write the final answer in it. Since time is in access for 11 questions, the cut-off of this round was all 11 of the questions were needed to be correct for selection. 

You can practice these questions at multiple sites:

  • PrepInsta
  • Q4Interview and others

I cleared this round. From 25 now 4 students cleared this round.

Round 3(HR Round): There were two sirs. Both of them were nice and cooperative. He told me to Introduce myself. Then asked some standard questions:

  • Why did you choose engineering?
  • What brings you to apply for Sopra Banking?
  • What does Sopra Banking do?
  • Some other general HR questions to know more about you.

The interview lasted for around 25 minutes. Fortunately, all 4 students cleared this round.

Round 4(Technical Round 50-55 min): The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then we had a detailed discussion on my projects, about their technical stack and significance of it. Some other technical questions related to them. Then interviewer moved towards topics:

  • Joins
  • Recovery in DBMS
  • Situations of crash of DBMS.
  • Why RDMS in used.
  • Diff between MySQL and NOSQL. Example of NoSQL
  • Normalization
  • Consistency problems
  • OOPS features
  • Diff between Abstraction and Encapsulation
  • Puzzle
  • Real life problems situations.

Outcome: I got selected for the job.


  • You should know each thing you write in resume. They discuss everything you wrote in your resume.
  • Technical round is majorly resume-based. If it consists of Coding profile-based resumes, then they are going to ask problem solving and approaches. If it is a development specific resume. Then you should write only those things which you have idea of or have worked upon them.
  • DBMS is important along with SQL (JOINS are the most important concept they ask for).
  • Can practise SQL queries from W3Resource Website. DBMS from Interview Bit Interview Question for DBMS.
  • OOPS from GFG.
  • Puzzles from GFG.
  • Read Interview Experiences from GFG and Glassdoor.

Also, would like to say thanks to GeeksforGeeks Interview Experience articles they help a lot and provide trustful knowledge regarding company round and the resources that they provide for preparation.

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