Amdocs R&D Interview Experience | Set 7 (Graduate Software Engineer Trainee)

I applied at Amdocs from their website for the post of Graduate Software Engineer Trainee-2018. The first round was online test at Amcat from home.It was web camera monitored.Then I was called for Interview at Amdocs Gurgaon.The resutl of the second rounnd was still not declared so I cant tell you about Round 3 which is basically HR round.

Round 1: It was based on Amcat comprising of Aptitude, Logical and Reasoning, English, Technical (Based on C, Unix, and DBMS)and coding round (Comprising of 2 coding questions based on language you select before start of test).

Round 2: It was technical interview round.There were two interviews friendly in nature.It was a kind of interview where selection doesnt matters, you get to learn about your drawbacks that to in a positive way.So the inteview was based on the following:

  • Java
  • Data Structure
  • Computer Networks
  • DBMS
  • UNIX
  • Operating System

The major questions were from Java and Data Structure and from rest of the topics there were basic questions.


1) Difference between ArrayList & List and LinkedList & List

2)Collection in Java

3)Oops Concepts

4)Code to print the first non repeating character in a string.

5)Code for explaination of Runtime and Compile Time polymorphism and need of both.

6)How abstraction can be achieved and difference between interface and abstract class.

Data Structure

1)Code for insertion of node in linked list.

2)Traversal of tree.

3)Which is better array or Linked List and which data structure will you prefer between both if you need to maitain a record of 100 names.


Computer Networks

1)OSI Model with explanation of each level.

2)Protocols in each level of OSI model

3)Differenc between TCP/UDP

4)Difference between ipv4 and ipv6 and use of ipv6.

5)Difference between http and https


1)Primary Forien Key

2)Candidate Key

3)Normal Forms and their practical usage.


1)How to change current directory

2)Use of chmod command

3)What is ssh

Operating System

1)What are threads.

2)Which is better Multiprocessig or Multithreading.

Just go through the given topics it would be enough for the interview.

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