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ServiceNow Interview Experience | FTE On-Campus 2019

Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2019
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Online round (HackerRank):

This round was of 1 hr 15 mins and consist of 2 sections

section 1: 10 MCQS  time:(15 mins) Topics: (Aptitude, OS, OOPS)

section 2: 1 Coding Question  time(1 hr)

Question: Longest Increasing Subsequence.


Round 1 (Technical):

Nearly 120+ students appeared the Online test out of which 22 people got selected for round 1. This round goes around 40-50 minutes. I was bit nervous  but the interviewer was very cool and supportive. He went through my CV and asked me about my project then he switched to coding . He asked me 3 Coding questions and 1 Puzzle

Q1.  Given an array find the Majority Element .

Q2. Given Two array  return a third array which is the intersection  of both the array , Ex. A1={1, 1, 2, 2, 3} A2={1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4}  ans: A3={1, 2, 2, 3},   as in A1 1 occur 2 times and in A2 1 occur 1 time so in  A3 1 will occur 1 time, same for 2 and 3. The interviewer clearly mentioned not to use extra space . The space of third array is not taken into consideration.

Q3.  Print all nodes at distance k from a given node No extra space, i came up with a solution and he was quite happy with it. he gave me few corner cases and asked me whether my code will able be to handle it  he was interacting very nicely .

puzzle :

My first round went very well and  i was among the 12 students who  got  selected for the 2nd round.


Round 2 (Technical):

He started with  my internship project we had a brief discussion on my project  then asked me 2 Coding qustions

Q1) , I gave him two approches one with extraspace and time complexity O(n)  anathor with no extraspace and with time complexity (nlogn) he asked me to code the solution.

Q2) he asked me to tell the approach and was happy with my approach.

then asked me a debug question: 

int x=10;

for(int i=0;i<x;i–)


he asked me to make a smallest possible change that will print 10 times “hi”, he asked me not to change i– to i++ rather come with anathor solution, and when i was unable to answer then he told me the answer that  in for loop change (i<x ) to (-i<x).

Then he asked me Questions related to OOPs  and asked me to design a cinema hall using oops he was very co-operative and was helping me  when i used to get stuck, he was giving hints,

At last he asked me one puzzle : You have 7 balls, equally big, equally heavy – except for one, which is a little heavier. and what is the minimum of weighings necessary to find the ball weighs more .

This round also went well  and i got selected for 3rd round.



Round 3 (Technical/Managerial) :  

He started with a sql query, he asked me to find all details of  an employee who is  having 2nd maximum salary. i was bit nervous in this round as this was the last round, i was able to answer partially so he asked me for the approach.

Then he moved to interface in oops, we had a great discussion on interface .

Then he asked me how many people watch high profile india match on hotstar i replied 10 to 15 million, then he asked me how  hotstar handle so many people at the same time? this question was a kind of system design, i gave him solution which i learnt from system design by gaurav sen in youtube.

Then he ended with a puzzle: he asked me the mathematical proof of this puzzle


This round went avarage  for me. i was more tensed after this round. because this was the last round.


VERDICT: 4 people got selected  and i was one of them 🙂


  1. Be thorough with your core subjects like OS, DBMS and OOPs.
  2. Interact with you Interviewer, ask as much as questions but questions should be valid.
  3. Never try to bluff, they are experienced persons they will catch you easily.
  4. you must know each and every thing mentioned in your CV.
  5. They are going to judge you on the basis of your approach.


                                                                                   ” ALL THE BEST ”    ~SKM


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