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ServiceNow Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 06 Nov, 2019
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ServiceNow came to our college in August and the entire selection process went on for 2 days.

Round 1: 

This was an online round, where it was divided into 2 parts further. The first part was an MCQ test containing questions from operating systems, data structures and basic programming. The second part was a coding round, where we had 1 question.

The catch was that they had to be non-repetitive.

After this round, 30 students got selected out of 160 who appeared.

Round 2: (~1.5 hr)

This round was a purely data structures and algorithms round where I was asked 5 questions.

In all the rounds I was asked to introduce myself  and at the end of the rounds I was asked if I had any questions for the company.

Question 1

Given a starting word and an ending word, and a dictionary, what are the minimum steps we need to take to change the starting word to the ending word if we were allowed to change a letter at a time.

Input: Dictionary = {POON, PLEE, SAME, POIE, PLEA, PLIE, POIN}

start = TOON

target = PLEA

Output: 7

Explanation: TOON – POON – POIN – POIE – PLIE – PLEE – PLEA

Question 2

How to sort a stack without using any other data structure. (No time complexity limit). Full neat code expected on a paper.

Question 3

One question where the answer was segment tree. (don’t remember the question..)


Note- Few other questions I don’t remember. The interviewer was very helpful and would help you a little wherever you are stuck provided you are on the right track.

Round 3: (~1.5 hr)

This was again a data structures and algorithms round where the interviewer was ready with slips of paper where the question and the input, output was mentioned. I was expected to write a clean code on a A4 size paper.

Question 1

The first question was to print a matrix in spiral form. Full neat and clean code was expected with every edge case covered, and no error. The code was checked by the interviewer using some test cases.

Question 2

We need to provide a unique identification code of 7+ digits using the alphabets a-z and A-Z, and the numbers 0-9, so we are able to encode as well as DECODE the code to get the message. random function was not to be used since we had to decode it back. the input can be infinitely long.

Question 3

Proper working, neat code with every edge case satisfied was required on a paper. Interviewer checked with test cases

Note- Suggestion is that before giving him the code, check for any mistakes as the interviewer repeatedly asks if I am sure there are no mistakes. Dry and run the code with a few test cases. Then just be confident with the solution 🙂

Round 4: (45 minutes)

This was basically a resume cum HR round where the interviewer asked me about my technical skills, and went through my projects. He asked me a lot of questions about whether I knew various skills. He asked me about the difficulties I faced through my projects and how I overcame them. Also a long time was given to my internship and what all I learned there.


Finally 5 students were selected and I was one of them.

The key is confidence and knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Also go through your resume well, and read about the company thoroughly. All the best!!

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