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Sapient | campus selections for Associate Software Development Engineer I

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Initial online round consisted of aptitude, logical reasoning, technical, cloud oops and ONE coding question(on the application of priority queues). There were too many MCQs, which overshadowed the single 10 mark coding question. Those who couldn’t complete the coding question were also shortlisted. Result: 20 shortlisted for interviews. Interview Day: Round 1: Technical Round: Asked a lot of short question, the interviewer was very helpful, friendly and gave clues if we got stuck somewhere. In the beginning, ┬áhe asked me to choose from the topics data structures, programming, databases, cloud and oops. I replied that I’ll be fine with anything other than the cloud. I was expecting some puzzles (all previous interview experiences I read on GFG suggested that Sapient interview is famous for puzzles), but not even a single puzzle was asked. Rather, they asked some tricky programming questions.
  • Pairwise swap elements in an array without using any extra space.
  • Check if the string contains any characters and special characters.
  • A dynamic programming problem, I’ve given a recursive method. Then he asked me What is dynamic programming and how it is useful.
  • Given an employee table, find the e_id and e_name of the employee with the third highest salary.
  • What is the difference between a stack and an array data structure?
  • Finding the biggest element in a BST.
  • Questions about my internship and projects.
  • Any questions for me?
They were looking for confident individuals and wanted to test how we’d approach some tricky questions. Result: 4 shortlisted. Round 2: HR Round. It was just a formality, he was looking for some good communication skills and confident replies. Some typical HR questions about the company and myself. Result: All 4 were offered jobs. Peace. Hope my article will be of some help for your interview preparation.

Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2018
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