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Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2021
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Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) is a developer with the primary responsibility development of software product as well as writing framework and tools to test that product. Means it is an IT professional who can work effectively in development and testing roles. A (Software Development Engineer in Test) SDET takes part in the complete Software Development Process mainly we term it as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SDETs are able to understand software development as well as software testing. 

Need of SDET : 
Todays organizations have changed a lot in their business process. They want more work with less people. When it comes to the versatile skill with a single people then the role of Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) comes. As they are the only professional who take part in development as well as at the same time they can handle testing of the developed software. That’s why Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) helps in both means for developing high-performance code or designing the testing framework. 

There is a trend in companies to hire multi skill IT professionals. So SDET software professionals are highly on demand. The demand of Software Developer Engineer in the Test (SDET) are mainly high in the following fields : 

Some essential non-technical skills for an SDET :  

  • Communication skill
  • Time Management & Organization Skills
  • Good Attitude
  • Passion
  • Team Work

Some Technical skills expected from SDET : 

  • Designing Skill
  • Programming Skill
  • Exposure to BDD
  • Testing Methodology
  • Agile + Devops exposure

Preferred Skills :  

  • object-oriented design and coding skills
  • Skilled with distributed systems, algorithms, and relational databases.
  • Experience in API testing.
  • Knowledge about various test method
  • Understanding of Quality Assurance methodologies, life cycle, and processes.
  • Experience of database testing including designing and manipulating test data.
  • Along with Coding experience, experience of automation framework, tools, and services for mobile.

Roles and Responsibilities of an SDET :  

  • Developing Software applications with Software developer team.
  • Performing Test Automation and setting up frameworks on multiple application platforms like Web, Mobile, and Desktop etc.
  • Creating & managing bug reports and communicate with the team.
  • Building different test scenarios and acceptance tests.
  • Work with deployments teams and resolving any level issues for the system.
  • Set up, maintaining, and operating test automation frameworks.


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