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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 9 (On-Campus for Samsung Research Institute, Noida)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2019
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First Round : Coding Round
Second Round : Tech + HR interview

First Round :
it was quite simple, the question was similar to , given a level K , you have to find out the sum of data of all the nodes at level K in a binary tree.

it was bit tricky the input is in the form


P is for Parent, C is for child.

if parent has one child : (P(C()())())

if parent has no child : (P()())

Second Round:

1. write a program , given a matrix with 0’s and 1’s , you enter the matrix at (0,0) in left to right direction , whenever you encounter a 0 you retain in same direction , if you encounter a 1’s you have to change direction to right of current direction and change that 1 value to 0, you have to find out from which index you will leave the matrix at the end.

2. given a coordinate (x,y) in a matrix of 0’s , make all the diagonals element through (x,y) as 1 in that matrix.

3. Basics about run time and compile time polymorphism. (with examples)

4. what is the need of run time polymorphism if we already have compile time polymorphism? (with example)

5. write a program to allocate a 3D-array dynamically.


1. Introduction.

2. Project and my role.

3. why do you want join samsung if you are already placed ?

I Hope my experience will help you, and Best of Luck from my side. 🙂

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