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Samsung R&D PRISM Research Internship Interview Experience

Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2021
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Samsung PRISM stands for Preparing and Inspiring Student Minds. It is a student program offering students a chance to work on real-world projects, interact with Samsung’s top technical experts and provide hands-on experience in core technology domains.

  • As part of this program, Students and Professors form teams. Each team will be assigned a work-let and a mentor from Samsung. The team will be required to deliver the project in a specified timeframe and earn exciting benefits.
  • Samsung collaborates with college departments and identifies areas of interest. Professors collaborate with Samsung technology leaders.
  • Duration of this program: 4 to 6 months


  • 3rd and 4th-year B.Tech students of all branches are allowed.
  • The program is currently limited to selected colleges with whom Samsung has signed MoU’s and my college is one of them.
  • You can check the selected colleges for this program on their official site here(

Selection Process: Only one coding round, having 3 problems, based on basic concepts of Data Structures And Algorithms. The time limit was 70 minutes. There were various sets having different questions, but the difficulty level was uniform for all sets.

There were the following 3 questions in my set:

  1. Given a string, find its rank among all its permutations sorted lexicographically.
  2. Given a rod of length n inches and an array of prices that includes prices of all pieces of size smaller than n. Determine the maximum value obtainable by cutting up the rod and selling the pieces.
  3. Program to add two binary strings and return their sum (also a binary string)

We were required to write only functions to complete the program in the code. The test was conducted to test student’s problem-solving skills and to shortlist the students for this program. 

Final Verdict: SELECTED

GfG helps me a lot as I practice coding questions from here.

Thank you.

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