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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 10 (On-Campus for Samsung Research Institute, Noida)

Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2016
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I. Written test : Same question asked in Set 8.(lucky for us)3 hrs were given to solve the question.
Just keep in mind that dont submit the solution too early.They maintain record of all the submission time
and they will ask that how you were able to solve the question so quickly.(They asked me)
They had installed their own software.Only visual studio,eclipse,notepad and calculator was allowed.
If you tried to open any other tab it was considered as cheating.So keep care.Interface not so friendly.
And only three submissions were allowed so if you are 100% sure that your code will pass all the test cases
then only submit.

Students, who were able to pass all the test cases, shortlisted for next round.
A total of 41 students were selected.

Results were announced around 3PM. I got call from my TPC that i have to give my
interview within 5 mins.I was like “really itni jaldi???”

Technical Round:

This was longest interview i have given.Lasted for 2.30 hrs.
The moment i entered the cabin he asked me “Did you eat your lunch”??
I was confused at that moment but later i realized that why did he asked..
Asked me to introduce myself…about my family…
Then asked which language you prefer C/C++ or JAVA
I said “C/C++ is like Hindi for me and JAVA is like English”
He smiled.Then he asked which papers i had studied and asked me to rate myself.
Then he started to ask question.

From C/C++:

1. Storage Classes in C-asked me almost every thing.(long discussion)
2. Memory layout of C programs.(he was looking for the details)
3. structure and union (every minute detail)
4. Complicated C declaration (asked to write prototype of functions)
5. Constant pointers and pointers to constant(he asked me to explain through diagram)
6. Structure padding and alignment.(why padding,how does it helps,how do we force complier not to allow padding)
7. Dangling pointers,malloc,caloc,realloc,free
Quite long discussion.Other questions like how does free operator knows how much memory
to freed.A lot more questions.
8. Questions on pointers(single pointer,double pointer and a lot)
9. About MACROS and preprocessor.
10. Preincrement and postincrement operator(was asked to write output and logic behind it)
11. Inline functions,dyanamic arrays,enum,
and a lot
12. about OOPS
Plz go through C section on Geeksforgeeks…U will not miss any of these.

From OS:

1. Scheduling algorithms(long discussion)
2. Mutex and seamphores(in detail)
3. Multiprogramming,Multitasking,Multiprogramming etc.
4. Deadlock(asked to explain deadlock to layman,how will you create a deadlock and a lot)
5. Schedulers(their working)
6. states of programms-like ready state,waiting state…was asked to draw digram
7. Producer-Consumer Problem


1.Implement Stack using link list(only condition was that return type of push and pop should be
void,solved by using pointer to pointer)
2.Implement you own strcat() function.Dont use string header.
3.Swap two numbers without using arithmetic operator.
Keep care when you write the code.He will go throughly through the code.So take your time and dont be
in a hurry.

After that I was called for HR Round immediately. I was the first one for HR.
1. Asked me to introduce myself.about my family.
2. About my hobbies,interest.
3. A small technical question.
4. Puzzle-i dont remeber..didint solved it comletly
5. Then asked why samsung.He wanted specific reasons.
No prainsing answer like samsung has a good brand value etc.
6. Asked me whether i am already placed or not.
7. Then in which companies i was rejected and asked why??
8. Why should we hire you??
9. Any thing you would like to ask??
I asked about typical work day and cuurent samsung project ..and then he explained me a lot of things..

He was very cool and interacted a lot.
HR round lasted for 35-40 minutes.

Thanks to GeeksForGeeks team for developing such a wonderful site.It helped me a lot in the preparation.

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