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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 4 (Samsung Research Institute, Delhi)

Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2019
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I am an off-campus hire. Please find my interview experience below:

1) Initially two written test were conducted:

a. First is aptitude (25 Arithmetic Aptitude + 25 Data Interpretation). The questions were easy but time consuming. In this round, both speed and accuracy matters. We have to solve around 35 questions to clear this test. So, we have to be accurate in solving 35 questions. In this test there is no negative marking, so after solving 35 questions, you can mark all the remaining questions and you are through this round.

b. Second is the technical test (20 Questions). They give an option to choose from C or C++. In this test, you have to solve 14 – 15 questions to get through. In this round, there are no options; we have to write the output on the space provided.

After this round, I get the phone call after 15 days that I am selected for the interview.

2) Three round of Interviews were taken:

a. First round was based on Operating System concepts. They asked about semaphores, inter-process communication, scheduling algorithms etc.

b. Second round was based on Algorithms questions. The questions were:

i. Write down the program to tell whether the stack is growing in which direction in memory.

ii. Write down the program to find all permutations of the string and discuss the time complexity.

iii. Tower of Hanoi problem time complexity.

c. Third is the HR round where negotiation about salary is there. It was just the formality.

After a week, I got the mail from HR of the final offer.

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