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Samsung R&D Interview Experience for Summer Internship | On-Campus Bangalore

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Samsung visited our college for summer internship 2021, It was an on-campus opportunity, students from branch CS, ECE, and Electrical having  CGPA above 7.5  were eligible for the online test. A total of around 180 students were eligible to give the test 

Round 1 (Online Coding): This was a coding round. It was conducted on the co-cubes platform. There were 3 coding questions, one of 3 marks and two of 5 marks. The test has a time duration of 70 min. The questions were different for everyone, but similar difficulties, luckily I have got an easier set of questions.

The 3 questions were

  1. Find The Last Non-Digit in the Factorial of a given number 
  2. Convert the given Tree to its Sum Tree(i. e every node contains the sum of the left and right subtrees in the original tree)
  3. You are given a BST and you are provided with two keys of this tree you should remove the keys from this tree which does not lies in the given .finally return the root of the modified BST, this was similar to

I have solved all three questions in a quick time. The results of this round came one day later and 16 students were selected for further rounds

Round 2 (Technical Interview): This round was mainly focused on the  Algorithm and Technical skills. The interview was scheduled for skype. The interviewer initially asked me to introduce myself for 5 minutes or so and then started asking me questions from my resume.

The interviewer asked a lot of questions on my projects, my projects were based on Machine Learning and Android Development, so he has an in-depth discussion on the ML project then he asked me that in which coding language are you comfortable with. I answered C++

Then without wasting any time he moves to questions on Algorithms. He shared the link of codepair editor to me. So a proper code was required to solve the given questions

  1. Given a random pointer of a Linked List and you have to remove that node from the Linked List(note that head pointer of Linked List was not given and you have to delete the node having that address so while traversing that node address should not come anywhere). This was similar to Delete a Node from linked list without head pointer. With a twist, you can not simply swap the data from the next node and delete the next node but exactly the given random pointer has to be deleted, Later he provided me with the head pointer and ask about the Time Complexity of the code that I have written.
  2. Given a matrix A[m][n] where A[i][j]=i+j denotes the gravity value at that floor here m denotes the floor no and every floor has n blocks. You are given with k eggs. After a threshold value of gravity, the egg will break on the gravity value greater than that, so you need to find the minimum trials required in the worst case.

This question is similar to the question that was asked to me, but the twist is that here the floor value is given in  2 D matrix form although the approach is quite similar(A DP solution was expected), after few minutes I come up with the logic and write the code for the same, then he asked me the time complexity of my solution then he ended up the interview with asking the most expected question  “Do you have any question for me”, I have asked few questions to him.

I have successfully solved both questions, After a few hours the results of this round has come and 13 students  were selected for the next round

Round 3 (Technical+HR): This was the last round of interviews. This round starts with the question “tell me about yourself”, and then he moves on to my projects.

He asked me to explain my projects, and he asked cross-questions on that, then he asked me some concepts of OOPS.

Questions were from the topic:

Polymorphism, Virtual Function, Copy constructor, and other oops concept, then some rapid-fire questions based on the different condition given for parent and child class, and he asked me the output for every condition, he has given me around 10 conditions 

He wants to check my grasp on the oops concept(especially on run time and compile-time polymorphism).

After this, he gave me the camel banana puzzle. Then he moved on to ask some Data Structure related questions

  1. Implement Stack using an array, queue.
  2. Implement Queue using an array, stack
  3. Implement Stack and Queues using Doubly Linked List

The link of the editor was given and I have to complete the function only for push and pop. At last, some CV related questions were asked.

He then asked me finally “Do you have any questions for me”, I have asked a few questions to him. Then he ended up the interview by wishing me “All The Best”.

The results came a day later and 6 students were finally selected for a summer internship and I was one of them


  • The platform co-cubes is not so good for writing the code, it does not support various library functions in C++, so be familiar with it before the test.
  • Refer to GeeksforGeeks for your interview preparation.
  • Solve a Lot of Puzzles (Refer GeeksforGeeks puzzles and Interview Bit Puzzle section)
  • Have a good command of Data Structure and Algorithms(Participate in every contest of CodeChef, code forces, HackerEarth, As I was good in competitive coding so it helps me a lot ).

The most important trick is to keep your calm and let the interviewer know what you are thinking in case you are stuck ask them for the hint they are ready to help you out. Having a gentle smile throughout the interview would be Icing on the Cake.

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Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020
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