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Samsung Software – Competency Test (Samsung R&D Bangalore) Experience > 1 yrs

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  • Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2020
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Round 1:   If your body Temperature is above 36 degree, You have to go back .(I don’t know why?)


Round 2:  we have to complete One Question within 4 hrs. There were 50 test cases, 5 test cases are visible and other 45 are in backend.

Yor are not allowed to use any library functions such as Array List, Stack, Queue…..

c/c++ java -allowed language, c# python and  others –not allowed


In between they will provide Orio, juice coffee water ….(enjoy)

Question :(It was story based …so actually I am  not that brainy to write whole story…so some glimpse)

It was midnight, Robert joy was travelling in a ship, suddenly traveller got the distinct impression that the ship was swerving. Suddenly, however, the ship shook with a strange back-and-forth movement and began to wallow, it was typhoon … So he decided to jump off the ship . Somehow he manages to take Lifeboat and while deboard, he puts some 3D block along with him . when he wake up, he found himself in Island, surrounded by light blue color ….

he get down from the lifeboat and tried to send a signal to Rescue team. But he didnt make it …

So he decided to make height so that he can easily send the signal .. So whatever he kept the 3D blocks in lifeboat  along with him, He started keeping one above another.

But the robert joy was very week in Mathematics and programmings, Imagine You were there and asking for help, to find the maximum Height by creating stack of 3D boxes, so that he can easily send the signal to rescue team .

But condition is there :

— you can only stack a box on top of another box if the dimensions of the 2-D base of the lower box are each strictly larger than those of the 2-D base of the higher box


|________|                Not possible here (consider 3D box) They will provide you proper image .


— multiple Instances of same block can be used so that block can be rotated to use any side as its base.


let say N is the Number Of block he has …2<=N <=20;

Test cases: 1<=T<= 1000;

Input –  T : No of Test cases

N  : no of block

l, w, h   :      Lenght, width and height of each block .



27  31 24

76   33  3

Ans : 76


9 9 9

1 1 1

435 345 567

Ansc : 577

I solved using DP but didn’t able to pass  most of the hidden  test cases, (So golden words came to me  ” you may leave for the day “.)

Note : If You are really ready then go for this test, because They will provide you only 3 attempts for entire life. so never miss a chance, (I missed one) and if you are thinking you ll use another email and phone, u ll get blocked be careful . This Is R&D.


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